Why Your Cat Wakes You Up during the Night

You are tired after a busy and exhausting day, and you want only a good night’s sleep to recover your strength, but you cannot because your cat actually, disrupts your sleep.

So if the situation repeats itself every night and you find it hard to remember when you slept well last time because your cat wakes you up all the time, it’s the right time to find some solutions to fix the problem.

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In this article I will try to present the six most common reasons for which your cat is restless and wake up during the night and how to fix it.

1. Your Cat is Sick. Some diseases, including dental problems can affect the sleep of your cat. Moreover, as your cat ages, it begins to not have a sound sleep at night. Among the diseases that cause sleeplessness in cats are hypertension, hyperthyroidism or arthritis, diseases that can fortunately be, diagnosed and treated by your medical veterinarian.

2. Your Cat is Bored. If your cat stay alone all day, it probably sleeps during this time and all this unconsumed energy will keep it awake at night. Do not let her get bored. Remember that cat is an intelligent animal and therefore it should have an activity to keep her interested and amused. Drive away her boredom with toys and tricks such as the hiding of small amounts of food in the house.

Make her feel that it is not forgotten. Interaction with family is also important. Play together with a ball or a laser pen before you go to work and before bed. Do not let all the toys available. It is better to give them one by one, She will feel like getting new ones.

3. It is Her Habit. Perhaps from the beginning when you have just brought it into your home, or when she was little you start to play with her or pet her when she woke you up from sleep. Unfortunately, in this way you sent it a message that you are a good partner for night play.

To unlearn it from this annoying habit, turn around to the other side when she wake you up and ignore her. She will get bored and leave you alone after a few nights and unsuccessful attempts to wake you up.

4. Your Cat Associates the Mornings with Breakfast. If the first thing you do when you wake up is to give it food, it is normal that the cat will try to rush the breakfast time. It’s wiser to take care of yourself first and then give the cat food. Anyway, watch the cat to eat enough at dinner.

5. It’s too Much Light in the Room. For you maybe it is enough darkness in the room, but for a cat is another sensation. Cats see much better in the dark because they have more light receptors in the eye. Turn off the lights and TV and put heavy curtains to prevent the outside light to enter inside of the room.

On the other hand, if your cat is old, maybe for her weak and then it will becomes agitated if the room is dark. In this case, a small source of light can be helpful. The adaptation to darkness or light occurs in about a week, so better be patient.

6. You Have Punished Her. As some children, the cats will seek to draw attention to themselves, even if the punishment is all they get. Any attention, even the negative, can paradoxically encourage cat in her behavior. In addition, your aggressive reactions will make her lose confidence in you and generally, in people. Even if it seems hard, it’s best to ignore it when it does something bad.

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