Festive Culinary Treats for Pet Birds

Besides the diet recommended by the veterinarian, pet birds also crave to many other foods specific to the natural environment in which their “forefathers” evolved. For this reason it is always a good idea to provide regular, small culinary treats that can alternate with their usual diet, a great joy for both your winged friends and for you who can thus provide a meal ‘luxury’ to your lovely birds.

Portrait of a parrot

Thus, along with combinations of seeds, fruits, vegetables and other ingredients that come in the form of pellets in feed for birds, small winged creatures also need snacks that provide new culinary challenges. For them as for us humans actually taste and bright colors of the food are of utmost importance for a good mood.

But you must not think that only delicious fruits may be enough to satisfy the appetite of pet birds, along with fruit, fresh herbs or vegetables can also be royal treats for our little winged friend. Parsley, peas, lettuce, corn, baby carrots are just a few examples to supplement the diet of birds; they also prefer of course, apples, bananas, mangoes, pineapples and other delicious fruits.

However, not all fruits and vegetables are recommended for the diet of pet birds, some of which can cause them serious health problems and other injuries caused by swallowing greedily feed, thus the need to inform us in detail about proper nutrition recommended for the species of birds that you have. Moreover, many owners of pet birds have noticed that their winged friends sometimes prefer certain foods exclusively for human consumption, such as cooked meat, cooked vegetables, yogurt, breakfast cereals etc.

In some of these cases, things are very positive, as well as to encourage this tendency of birds to try something different, but in other cases new food consumed may be toxic to birds and therefore, once again, it is recommended to be properly informed regarding the appropriate food for each species.

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All culinary treats that we offer a bird apartment, separate from food purchased from veterinary pharmacy must be well cleaned and even cooked previously, if we know that different foods can be toxic to it, and also there are many vegetables and even fruits that can cause health problems to a pet birds if they are eaten raw or whole peel, or they are unwashed thoroughly before being served.

Among the foods that should not and cannot ever be given a bird apartment stands especially avocados, apples and other fruit seeds, chocolate, any product containing caffeine, onions, mushrooms, salty foods, preparations containing alcohol , vegetables, uncooked beans, and many other foods strongly prohibited by the veterinarian in charge of the health of your pet bird.

In conclusion, give your bird anything you want, or you think she likes, but beware of these little treats include between foods or ingredients that can harm your pet. In this sense, both veterinarians and information sourced from other reliable sources can help you to maintain your bird’s health at an optimal level.