Wooden flooring trends in the contemporary interior design

Choosing new floors for your own home interior

A wooden floor is an excellent option for any kind of home interior regardless the space or the design style. It definitely renews and beautify the overall décor.

But which wood species, color, and expression should you look when it comes to replace your home interior floor?

Which one is in line with the contemporary trends?


Do not also forget that replacing your old floor with a new one is a long-term investment.

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Pine in the new contemporary homes

Despite the fact oak still remains a very popular choice, pine flooring makes its place in the contemporary home interior.

After all, oak is quite expensive, and pine is the right alternative option.

Similar with oak, pine boards with distinctive knots and grain patterns have a stylish and elegant look, which is completely in line with the modern and minimalist décor.


Light or dark wooden flooring shades

A big trend is the colored and tinted wooden planks. They can create, among other things, a nice contrast in your home interior.


Wide and long planks – visually sensation of a larger and wider living space

Today, it is an increasingly demand for wider and longer planks.

And in fact, this a continuing trend.

No long time ago, parquet floorings with short sticks were in demand, but now the pine and oak planks can hardly be long or wide enough.


Sustainable wood options

Today, we want sustainable materials.

It is an increasingly tendency of choosing sustainable materials for both furniture and floors, and that is good.

This can be in relation to the wise choice of wood species such as cork but can also be in relation with the use of certified and recycled materials.

Easy to keep and maintain materials

Modern lifestyle calls for home materials that are easy to keep neat and clean in a hectic and busy everyday life. We can see more and more floors that require a minimal care and cleaning.

It is quite common to have floors sanded and washed, in a way that the wooden planks are able to o withstand wear and tear and not require a whole lot of attention and care.

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