YTONG Increases the Soundproofing of Your Living Space

The continuous need of new, reorganization and current trends in interior design make us dream increasingly more, to new methods of partitioning of the living space, where the comfort and the increase of living standards always to remain the main idea.

Unfortunately, noise is part of our modern life and because defining the living space in your own home is more than a physical demarcation of the rooms, the sound insulation of each room is extremely important, especially nowadays when the housing density has increased enormously, as in fact the number of the noise sources.

Designers, contractors as well as homeowners who make plans for multiple partitions of the interior space should take into account also the sound insulation of wall partitions besides their shape and design.

Therefore, in the construction of a building regardless if it is residential or commercial, wall partitions that have soundproofing features are extremely important. However, how they fulfill their dual role (partition and sound isolation) depends on the quality of the material from which they were built.

Among the construction materials with good sound isolation are included the masonry blocks YTONG. The good sound insulation of a wall partition built with masonry blocks YTONG is due on one hand to its high density material and on the other hand to its porous structure. In fact, with the constructive system YTONG can be built exterior walls that provide sound isolation and sound absorption in accordance with the international standards.


A) Excellent sound insulator;
B) Alveolar absorptive;
C) Voluminous building material

Since the degree of sound isolation provided by a masonry wall increases with the weight on square foot (square meter) of it, is understandable why the walls built of autoclaved aerated concrete blocks YTONG provide a better sound insulation than other types materials.

In addition, due to its porous structure, the walls that are built with YTONG have a sound absorption capacity of 5 -10 times higher than for materials with smooth surfaces such as ceramic materials. It is known, that if the sound is absorbed in a large proportion, it will fade and will reflect lesser inside the newly created space by the partition wall. In other words, the combination of a massive structure blocks YTONG and their air content results in a noise damping effect.

Protection against airborne noise between rooms is done starting with the smallest thickness (≥ 100mm or 3.9 inches) for interior walls. Using YTONG for exterior walls, can be obtained the same degree protection against generating sources (traffic, sirens, airplanes, etc.).

So the easiest option to get the space you want, with modern design that offers the needed peace is the using of high quality and durable materials as YTONG that can protect your new living space from the surrounding level of noise.

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