Get Rid of Spiders from Your House

One of the most common phobias in the world is “arachnophobia”, which is means the fear of spiders. However, you don’t have to be afraid of spiders when you want to get them out of your house.

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Actually, most spiders are beneficial, keeping many insect pests under control. So, better than killing spiders take them outside and release them into your garden.

No more spiders:

-Get rid of all the cardboard boxes around. Spiders love cardboard since it is a wood product and they also love wood.

– Find and seal all cracks in basement walls and in window casings and doorways. If there is just a tiny crack in your house, spiders will crawl through.

– Make your house unfriendly to other bugs. This is the way to eliminate the spiders’ food sources – including flies, cockroaches and moths. Check and repair all window screens.

– Spiders don’t enjoy heat which is why more come in during the summer trying to find a nice cool place to stay. They prefer bathrooms and kitchens since there is a water source nearby. Because spiders don’t like eucalyptus leaves you can put some in bathrooms, kitchens, closets.

– Trim back trees, bushes and other vegetation from touching the house walls.

-Keep your house clean and neat. Spiders won’t stay in an area that is completely smooth and clutter free.

– Vacuum and clear away all webs, being sure to remove any egg cases. Move and dust frequently behind furniture, stored boxes and appliances.

-Cover the pet food dish. Pet food attracts bugs which attract spiders.

– Hose off the outside of your home to destroy webs and egg cases.

-Use yellow or sodium-vapor light bulbs for outdoor lights. They are less likely to attract insects and then spiders.

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Natural Solutions for Controlling Spiders:

– Wash windows inside and out with a combo of ammonia and water. When windows will dry (almost automatically outdoors) go over the entire window (metal frame too, if necessary) with newspaper and kerosene. The kerosene also evaporates immediately but leaves a residue that repels spiders, flies and mosquitoes.

– Put oil of pennyroyal on a cotton ball or scrap of cloth and place where you see spiders.

-Use borax or baking soda in shallow lids under couches or beds or wherever the problem area is.

– Lemon Pledge sprayed on window and door sills inside and out or use Osage orange (also called hedge balls or mock oranges).

-Get rid of spiders naturally with lady bugs. The best way to get rid of spiders if you have many is to get the voracious bug and insect eater – the ladybug beetle. These small creatures eat close to 50 bugs a day. The beetles will get rid of all the insects from your home.

-Place Hedge Apples wherever you see spiders. Spiders hate these things.

-Adopt a cat. Cat will hunt and kill the spiders.