Choose Transparent Furniture for Your Home

Glass is a unique material. You can see through it and you feel a continuous space. It is consistent and yet transparent. Glass is actually an elegant separation between two spaces that should not be completely independent.

Due to its versatility and controlled transparency, combined with new processing technologies, glass has gained new qualities, dominated lately by curved surfaces and spectacular geometries.

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However, the main enemy of glass furniture is that misconception according to which glass is not a resistant material but on the contrary, it is brittle and would be very dangerous in case it breaks.

But this misconception tends to change and glass begins to gain an important place in consumer preferences, because in recent years, innovations in terms of processing technologies recommends it as a durable material, sturdy and very safe.

Today can be used sheets with a thickness of 15/32 – 19/32-inches (12 -15 mm) for the structures of resistance and 5/16 – 13/32-inches (8 -10 mm) for other surfaces.

The Fascination of Glass

Glass is more like a liquid than a solid because its physical structure is more like molecular structure of liquids than solid crystalline structure. Heated, seems more similar to metals, passing through several stages of malleability.

This innate versatility of glass makes its interaction with other materials to be successful in planning and context. In fact, the glass surprises us each time by discretion and elegance. It can be used in various ways, such as accessory, ornament, structure, architecture or design element and so on.

Where and How to Use Glass

Dining Area: If you plan to use for example a large made of glass table in the dining area, it should be the only object in the room made of glass.

Living Room: Everyone knows that it can be used glass coffee tables in the living area, but a special effect can be obtained by pieces of furniture that normally give a solid sensation. A comfortable glass armchair could be the best example in this case. Likewise, a bookcase with transparent shelves makes the books to appear in a continuous afloat.

Bedroom: In the bedroom, accessorized doors with etched glass of the dressing are already found in many homes. But designers have surpassed the boundaries of imagination, and have created even beds made of glass. The less brave can choose transparent bedside-table, with a particular aesthetic effect if properly illuminated.

Bathroom: Glass sinks have a great aesthetic effect. In addition, due to twinned transparency of glass and water, such a piece ennobles any bathroom.

Chromatic Reflections and Texture

Etched glass, used a lot lately in interior design can vary from mild blast up to full opacity. Meanwhile, shades may vary slightly from white to various shades of blue and green, creating special color reflections on solid surfaces.

However, you can use the crystal if you want perfect clarity and transparency.

In this way, the feeling of floating object that is placed above is guaranteed and the piece of furniture is seen as an object, only because of the edge components.

The designers have also innovated in terms of texture. Irregular surfaces are now fashionable.

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