A house construction trend that finally makes sense

Our home should always be seen as a whole.

Just like the whole human body, our home should also be seen as a whole. After all, everything architectural and design element is connected to another element. In fact, this is the new tendency in the building construction industry. In this way, the inherent mistakes are eliminated. No more construction shortcomings that affect the budget and health of the home inhabitants. The new tendency stops the old model of promoting only the materials. Instead, house construction is viewed as a whole concept of many and diverse influences. The goal of this idea is to help the home building industry in a way that makes sense not only architecturally and structurally, but also financially. In this way, the overall operating costs will be minimized.

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Building a home is the most important investment in everyone’s life. It is imperative to ensure they are free from any defects in their whole. Therefore, we need to choose the construction materials much more carefully.

Modular system where the house can be assembled like a puzzle.

Thanks to the modular system, the modern house can be assembled like a jigsaw puzzle. This greatly simplifies and speeds up and simplifies the whole construction process. The result is astonishing. Construction time and a lot of money are saved, not to mention that many mistakes are reduced. One of the most advantages of the modular system is that it provides the elements for the entire building construction within just one system. It also includes both horizontal and vertical structures. Most notably, these structural elements are consistent with each other, ensuring the same technical and mechanical properties for the whole building.

For example, in many building design projects, you can encounter the unpleasant phenomenon called thermal bridges. This is a quite common problem, which arises when different kinds of materials with different thermal properties are mixed in a part of the house structure. The consequence is huge. Higher heating costs and uncomfortable draft air currents affect your health and comfort. But that’s not everything. Moisture and condense lead to (in)visible mold. Fortunately, the formation of thermal bridges can easily be prevented in the construction design.

New and modern “super materials”.

When we are speaking about the building material properties, we usually focus on their thermal insulation properties. It is important but not everything.  Thermal insulation property is not the only property we need to consider when choosing a building material. There are many others such as heat air tightness, heat accumulation, durability, thermal inertia, and mechanical resistance are also extremely important for an efficient construction.

Thinking about the future

Another pillar of the new tendency is the construction material and its particular properties, which are key to the house life. For example, bricks should be made from high quality raw materials that ensure long life and mechanical resistance to weather and other adverse influences. The construction materials need to minimize the ecological impact, ensuring that their production does not harm the environment.

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