The Advantages of Using Pultruded Sections in Your Building Construction

In recent years, the use of pultruded products in the construction industry has increased significantly and tends to replace, increasingly more the use of timber and steel. Composite materials are used from some time in the construction industry but they are beginning to be increasingly more the preferred builders’ choice.

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However, pultruded products are used in many other domains such as manufacturing of vehicles, boats, sport goods or in the Aerospace industry.

Not long time ago, “Composite Structural Profiles” were generally used for aesthetic and cosmetic purposes. Today, pultruded sections are used in the construction of most new and modern buildings. We can say unreservedly that pultruded sections are the spine of many building projects.

What makes these composite materials, to be the preferred materials by most builders?

1. Pultruded sections cost less than other materials

Pultruded profiles cost less than other materials, not to mention their less installation cost. They are preferred by most of the architects because they are easily molded and installed in any shape, making the labor cost to be low. More than that using pultruded sections for their projects, the architects can design more complex structures.

2. Pultruded profiles have a long life span

It is well known that buildings constructed using pultruded profiles are much more durable than those built with traditional materials such as timber or steel. And it is normal to be so, since pultruded materials are virtually indestructible. They do not rust, rot and are not affected by insects.

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3. Pultruded sections are strong and resistant

These wonder materials are in fact, reinforced fiberglass. Generally, the basic fiberglass are a strong construction material type. However, more than that they are reinforced with different kinds of resins and dyes making them tougher and stronger.

A building that is composed of pultruded profiles can withstand any extreme climate condition and also, it is not affected by weather vagaries.

In fact, pultruded sections even if they are used outside, in very harsh climate conditions, will retain their original shape and color. They are much stronger and resistant than traditional construction materials.

For example:

– They are twice stronger than any kind of steel;
– They are five times tougher than reinforced concrete.

No wonder, that these amazing materials are today, the builders’ favorites.

4. Pultruded profiles are environmentally friendly building materials

Pultruded materials are “green” materials. The production of these reinforced fiberglass leave much less carbon footprint than steel or aluminum production and even than manufacture of concrete.

If you use pultruded sections for your construction project, you will use less timber. That means saved trees.

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