How to Use Social Media to Find a Builder

We live in a world where everything moves increasingly faster. Residential construction is no exception to the rule.

Housing constructions are in their maximum speed all the time, which means that new communities and projects are popping up everywhere.

Location seems to be the most important factor to be taken in consideration when you buy a property, and after all why not? Everyone knows the old adage “Location, location and again location”. With so many options, it is almost impossible not to find your dream home. More than that, you also have the luxury to choose your builder, depending on his experience, dedication to clients, reputation and recommendations.

In other words, today you have the opportunity to look for a “social builder”, i.e. to use social media to find the right builder for your home.

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What it means more precisely, this?

It means that a builder uses intensively social media as a tool of business.

Until recently, the presence of a builder online was more static. A simple website that has featured in a few words the company profile. No possibility of debates, no feedback, no questions, no answers, reviews or complaints.

Hard to imagine, isn’t it, how could you to take the right decision and choose the appropriate builder?

Today, social media has changed everything in all areas not only in terms of housing. Networks social websites such as Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, Linkedin, Facebook and others allow your communication directly with the builder. It is particularly important and beneficial to potential customers.

You are directly in touch with the respective company, and you can also see the pro and cons reviews of the former clients. A professional builder who uses social networks is opening itself up to the world. He can gain credibility and of course clients but also exposes himself to risks in case of negative comments and reviews. In fact, this proves their commitment and provides transparency regarding their work so far.

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But back to you. Now you know the location of your new home and it is the right time to choose the builder from the Facebook or other social website. Read carefully what they post:

– It is just a self promotion or they are open and willing to provide all the useful and needed information?
– Can you find more from reviews?
– It is only a static and formal presentation of services or it is encouraged input and feedback?
– Find if there are complaints and why?

However, the purpose of this article does not have been to demonstrate that only manufacturers who have an online presence are most suitable for you. There are quite many, reputable builders who are still skeptical in the advantages of using the Internet and especially social media. It is enough to use conventional methods to find them. Ask friends, read newspapers and magazines, etc.

But you cannot hold back the progress. And anyway who are willing to take into account new technological advancements and be in contact with their prospective customers probably deserves all our attention.

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