Clever ways to store your bags and purses in plain sight

When you don’t have a spacious walk-in closet.

Those who have big wardrobes arrange them tastefully on distinct shelves – each with its own shelf. But what do you do with bags when you don’t even have place for clothes, let alone other accessories, in your closet? We questioned the designers, and they came up with some clever storage ideas for bags, purses, and possibly even satchels. We’ve included them below in case you’re not sure where to put them or how to organize them.

The best thing about purses and similar accessories is that they can be kept in plain sight. So, if there isn’t enough space on the shelves in the closet or dressing room, consider how you may incorporate them into the area’s decor.

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A simple and easy solution

Place purses (with barrettes) on hangers or cufflinks at a doorway, in the hanger area, for a quick and easy solution. It’s a very convenient option, which is perhaps why many people neglect it.

And there are ways to arrange them so that it doesn’t all appear like a meaningless jumble. You can put together an outfit with clothes and other accessories like hats or scarves.

If you don’t have a huge walk-in closet, a free wall someplace in the bedroom can be used to mount storage options for luggage. An entire wall can be transformed into a decorative element by arranging the purses in a harmonious composition based on the same concept. If the purses are simple, you can go for a background with wallpaper, for example.

They can be hung on vertical rail systems or vertical hangers that are installed on the wall, taking up only vertical space.

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Bag storage solutions on various supports.

If you don’t want to fill a full wall with them, there are other options for bag storage. You can make do with a hanging bar. Instead of basic buttons, a wooden or metal bar hung on the wall can be used to hang purses.

This can even be done within the closet. Bags and purses can be hung on a hanger bar in a low-height part of the dressing room – the bar must be installed at the design stage of the closet or dressing room.

Make room for them in the bookcases.

Finally, if you don’t want to fiddle with stands, holes in the walls, and homemade bars, a final option for keeping bags is to make space for them on the bookshelf. “Another idea is to put them on shelves, in any of the rooms.” Purses could be used as a decorative feature among books and other artifacts, even in a library.

Envelope purses stack well on a shelf and can be stored next to each other.

If you have a pantry, a storage room, or even a storage room and the notion of putting your handbags in plain sight doesn’t appeal to you, you can conceal them behind a door.

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