All About Kitchen Counter Corbel Installation

Adding a few kitchen countertop corbels can improve the look of the breakfast bar improving in fact, the overall appearance of the whole room.

Your kitchen will be for sure, more elegant, more sophisticated even luxurious, because these corbels are not only designed to support the weight counter, they are also decorative elements.

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Counter corbels come in a wide range of types, sizes and models, being almost impossible not to find the right design for your kitchen.

For a light weight countertop you may need only two or three corbels. But for a massive countertop, you need several counter corbels to support its weight.

Let’s see the steps to be taken for a proper installation of these counter corbels.

1 | Kitchen Wall Preparation

First of all, you should create a firm base for your counter. You need to have strong support for the countertop. The best way to do that is to build a wooden frame. In this way you’ll be sure that your countertop will have enough support for its weight.

The idea is that counter weight should not be taken only by corbels, but to be uniformly distributed and taken equally by the wall behind the countertop. Therefore, you need to brace the countertop back.

a) First, measure the height of your countertop;
b) Cut lengths of two-by-four that are a little less than the counter height and nail these wooden pieces together;
c) Using a stud finder locate the studs behind the kitchen wall;
d) Drill holes into the drywall and studs and install anchors into these holes;
e) Using long wooden screws attach your wooden frame. Now you have a strong support for your countertop.

2 | Add the Outer Counter Corbels

Now when your wooden frame is installed in position is the right time for installing countertop corbels.

First you should install counter corbels at the wooden frame ends.

a) Add screws to your wooden frame. Place them a little higher than the corbel holes;
b) Using anchors secure these screws and let exposed just an inch of these screws.
c) Apply carpenter’s glue on the back of the counter corbels;
d) Press them into your wooden frame also allowing them to rest on the installed screws;
e) Make sure your counter corbels are level. This is extremely important if you want an unbalanced counter with an evenly distributed weight.
f) Hold each corbel in the right position until the carpenter’s glue dries.

3 | Add the Inner Corbels and the Counter Top

Now you should install the other corbels that come in the middle of the wood frame. So repeat the same action as the previous point using screws and masonry anchors and holding them in place until the carpenter’s glue dries.

Next and the final step is the installation of the countertop.

a) Drill screws through every counter corbel end. The heads of the screws are facing upward having exposed about an inch and a half;
b) Install the countertop on the corbels;
c) Using carpenter’s glue secure the countertop.

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