Arranging the Dining Room

Dining room is not the place where we eat but the one in which we dine. It is where we receive the guests when we invited them to dine with us, and that means a minimum of rigor and etiquette in arranging and decorating of this room.

In other words, we are not talking about a large table placed in the kitchen or in the living room but rather we are talking about a special room for dining.

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Dining Room Table

The most important piece of furniture in a dining room is of course, the table. When you choose it you should keep in mind both the number of people who eat in the dining room and the style of your room: classic and modern, sober or casual. Your dining table should be big enough that 6 people to sit comfortably without feeling crowded.

Choose a table in solid wood, mahogany color for a sober dining room, or a glass table for a relaxing, modern dining room.

Dining Room Chairs

After choosing the dining table, it is the right time to choose the chairs. However, it is not necessary that the dining table and chairs to be part of the same set but they have to match. Necessarily with high back, comfortable, upholstered or padded. It is important to be soft, not stiff.

Attention, you have to provide enough space for people to be able to sit or move around the table without being uncomfortable.

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China Cabinets & Serving Trolley Cart

The next pieces of furniture to be chosen are China cabinets and serving trolley cart. Their role is to support plates, cups, food and beverage containers.

Lighting a Dining Room

In a dining room arrangement you should to have in mind the room lighting. If dining is sober, choose a massive chandelier with many arms and bulbs that mimic candles and lamps and for the windows, choose heavy, thick curtains and drapes with folds.

For a modern dining room leaves light to flood the room and pick out light fixtures with minimalist design.

Dining Room Decoration

Do not forget the decorations: Flower vases, candle-holders, a tablecloth and baskets for bread rolls and sliced ​​bread.

Whether you choose Sevres porcelain plates, good quality, or cheaper ones, they should be part of the same set. Remember that each plate must be coupled with another that sits underneath, called service plate. Your China cabinets must contain a minimum of glasses for brandy, white wine, red wine and water / juice, etc.

Last but not least, you’ll need a sound system for music.