Awesome Outdoor Candle Decorating Ideas

Rooftop Terrace

Wonderful outdoor lighting ideas using candles. Turn a beautiful summer night into a magical one with these creative decorating ideas.

Choose the right design outdoor fixture and explore a range of interesting ideas for decorative lighting on your patio or balcony! Lighting is a key element in the decoration of all areas of the house.

Rooftop Terraces – Modern and Spectacular Ideas (part 1) (video)

Rooftop Terraces – Modern and Spectacular Ideas (part 2) (video)

But when it comes to the outdoors (deck, backyard, balcony, patio or terrace), the choice of light becomes capital. This is because, patios and balconies are usually open spaces that are not covered by other light sources at night. After all, a dark outside is unpleasant, although the rest of the décor can be impeccable.

Light is not just light. Poor lighting can be annoying and ruin the décor. The right lighting, a romantic one when you are using the candles, can create the right mood and atmosphere.

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