Simple Steps to Have an Organic Garden

If you own a house with a small garden or an apartment with flowers on balcony, find how to take care of them, using only natural means that have not a negative impact on the environment. Any home can be easily become a green home.

It is simple and available to everyone. All you need is passion, civic consciousness, and of course, to like gardening.

For the growth and care of plants in a natural way some aspects are essential: water for irrigation, compost, without pesticides.


Recover the Rainwater

You only need a container or tank. It can be a barrel provided with a lid and a valve or a tank buried in the garden.

However, the barrel or tank must be made โ€‹โ€‹of polyethylene, not PVC.

Be careful where you want to install this tank. Choose a place in the shade to avoid algal blooms and bad odors. Also, to avoid to draw mosquitoes, close hermetically your containers or cover them with anti-insect nets.

Prepare Yourself the Compost

A good natural fertilizer (compost) costs nothing. Simply you need to recycle your household organic waste, plant or animal. In fact, you better re-use the vegetable and fruit peels, eggshells, leftover from the table, rather than throwing them away.

If you have a garden, you can also add the dead leaves. After several months of decomposition, a humus is formed, ready to fertilize the soil. If you start to prepare it the spring, it needs six months to get ready, and almost nine months, if you prepare it in the fall.

For a high quality compost, avoid to put into your compost plant debris heavily contaminated with pesticides such as grapes, pears, peppers, oranges … if they are not organic.

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Grow Plants without Pesticides

Herbicides, insecticides and fungicides are highly toxic to human health. But you anyway, can limit their use. However, you should wear gloves and mask when you use them to protect yourself.

Let’s look at some simple natural methods that can successfully replace the use of these chemical compounds.

  • Against weeds is enough to pour boiling water on them.
  • Orchard snail can be removed with little beer placed in a tray or with iron phosphate products.
  • Against plant lice is enough a jet of water to remove them, or black soap and water solution.

Make your home a environmentally friendly one using these tips.