Why Do You Need Outdoor Lighting?

Let There Be Light!

In ancient times our ancestors gathered around fires, which provided them with warmth and above all light.

During the early periods, outdoor lights are only used in the streets and on buildings. To this day the importance of light has steadily increased since light sources are essential for a pleasant atmosphere in which the person feels well. In addition to factors such as temperature and humidity, light affect us. Depending on intensity and color, light has a very different impact on our mood.

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Today residential architecture is becoming more beautiful. Every homeowner wants to enhance the curb appeal of his home and the proper exterior lighting adds to the curb appeal after dark. Exterior lighting can add both beauty and practicality to your home. A beautifully-lit house at night can accentuate the beauty of the home and landscaping.

Be Green!

Environmental protection by reducing energy consumption. There are many ways to utilize outdoor lighting, but when it comes to outdoor lighting, here are a few tips to conserve energy in your home:

1| Get motion lights. For outdoors, you can use flood lights that have a switch to be turned on only when detecting motion, or can be on at all times.
2| Invest in high quality, energy-efficient light bulbs. LED light bulbs and CFL’s (Compact fluorescent lights) are the answer.
3| Save with solar outdoor lighting. The solar outdoor lighting in use today will generally store enough energy to burn for 8 to 12 hours depending on their location and the time of the year.

Why Do You Need Outdoor Lighting?

The main reasons good outdoor lighting is needed are obvious, enhancing the look of the house and landscaping, safety and better visibility.

1. Welcome!

Welcoming light at the front door is a friendly welcome for guests and good lighting provide the necessary security.

Well planned landscape lighting makes your guests safer around unfamiliar landscape features such as pools, spas, decks and tiered walkways.

2. Bright Designs for Your Garden

There are some different types of basic lighting effects that you can achieve. A cleverly placed light sources place decorative configuration areas in your garden scene.

a) Up lighting: Lights are aimed upward. Up lighting looks nice in landscaping to feature nice trees.
b) Down lighting: Fixtures are mounted high and aimed downward.
c) Spot Lighting: Lights are focus on specific areas such as the sides and back of the house for added safety at night. Also, make sure that your patios and decks are properly light.
d) Cross lighting: Light beams from different fixtures crossing to create 3D images.
e) Stake lights: Are perfect for along walkways and driveways for added light when walking.
f) Combined lighting: Fixed and mobile lights that create depth, transparency.
g) Stone lights: These are gorgeous and come in a wide variety of stones or brick. These are also available in the solar option.

 3. Burglary Protection:

Light sources around the house are not only for orientation or to enhance the beauty of your home, but have also proven to protect against potential burglars. There’s nothing a burglar likes more than to hide in the darkness. Make this impossible for them.  Especially in combination with an infrared motion detector which trigger the light. The installation of a light sensor makes it also easier to find the key hole.

Also a timer that turns on automatically the lights at pre-programmed time periods fulfilled this task, especially if you want to travel.

Let Your Landscape Shine !

It is so amazing to see how creative you can get with your outdoor lighting decor. Designing your outdoor lighting can really add spice to your backyard and front yard.  You can add a dramatic effect to your fountain or plants by adding just the right amount of light. You can create a gorgeous ambiance for your family and friends. The outdoor lighting opportunities are near endless.

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