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The living room is undoubtedly an important room of your home and is much, much more than a cozy sofa and an armchair opposite the TV. In any contemporary home, a living room is gathering and retreat place in the same time, where you can feel comfortable and you can enjoy precious moments with your family and friends. Whether you want to move into a new home or you want to renovate your old living room, you can find inspiration in this site. Here you will find beautiful and great interior design ideas, as well as helpful ideas and tips around this design topic.

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First of all, the size of your living room plays a very important role in the decorating and furnishings. Usually, large rooms allow a freedom of decorating and design regarding materials and colors used in your project. In spacious living rooms, you can really let off steam during set-up and effortlessly create your own ideas of modern livability. However, make sure your living room does not look heavily overcharged.

To make your large living room still inviting and cozy, it makes sense to divide the living areas. You can use a different flooring option or simply a room divider. The gorgeously arranged decorations and a matching light fixture can contribute to a harmonious overall interior.

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The design of a limited space living room is without any doubt a much greater challenge. Here you need think and play space-saving and to rely on multifunctional furniture pieces. Living room furniture with a lot of storage space, floating shelves and many other smart things and ideas help to optimize the small space. However, with smart planning and structuring, you can make your living room appear much bigger and create true space wonders. Also, when design or decorating a small living room, choosing the right color scheme is very important. Bright and calm nuances make your small living room look bright, friendly and automatically larger.

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