What interiors are most popular and why you shouldn’t choose fashionable solutions

Most people prefer their homes to be bright, cozy, simple, fresh, and natural. Let’s see in this article how the most of interior designers reveal which interior design style is the most widespread and popular and how this style is combined with the everyday life comfort.

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Fresh Interior Design Solutions for Modern Medium Size Apartments (video)

An increasingly sense of nature and without straight lines

According to most of professional interior designers, Scandinavian home interiors are now the most preferred ones. They make the living space look larger and brighter.

And for good reason Scandinavian style design is the most popular interior design. Everyone wants to be close to nature. Also, everyone likes natural finishing materials, such as linen, wood, leather, cotton, and shiny metal details.

Neutral, calm color palettes in beige, gray, white shades are continuing to be chosen for the contemporary home interiors. Straight lines and symmetry are increasingly abandoned in the favor of a little “chaos” a “nice mess”.

Cozy, non-binding, and comfortable Scandinavian home interiors are close to the heart of everyone. No wonder why? They are perfect for spending time with family and friends. Certainly, this design style was, is, and continue to remain a global trend.

The further you go in this third decade of the century, the more this simple style, high-quality and natural finishing materials and large matte surfaces will prevail in the interior design.

As our contemporary taste develop, the simple elegance, without opulence of the home interior will become more popular.

Our homes will become more and more intelligent

When creating a modern home interior, obviously that in addition to aesthetics, it is an increasingly need for building automation that ensures the quality and comfort of contemporary life. Because the cleanliness and lightness and of the living space is inseparable from the clarity and simplicity of maintenance.

Today people want a stylish, comfortable, coy, but at the same time, simple and easy to maintain homes. Everyone dreams of homes whose automatic systems work and certainly admires devices controlled just by movement, voice, or simple touch. In the contemporary home interiors, sensors, controls, and switches become an inevitable functional part of any living space. Of course, this becomes a new challenge for home interior specialists, who need carefully distribute these smart home controls in the home interior.

However, the best solution is when all the main functions of the house are controlled by just one system, from a single tablet. In this way, we do not need to overload the home interior with many different switches and controls.

The biggest mistakes in creating a contemporary home interior

But we need to know that when it comes to home interior design, popularity and trend is not always a good and smart guide. According to many interior designers, one of the biggest mistakes in interior design and interior decorating is to choose fashionable solutions.

After all, trendy interior solutions should be chosen by only those with a generous budget who can afford to change their home interior every several years.

It is well-known that what is fashionable today, tomorrow becomes old-fashioned and outdated. A smart idea is to focus on time-tested and long-lasted interior design solutions.

Of course, creating a strong and long-lasting home interior requires only high-quality materials. It is more expensive but will pay off in the long run.

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