How to Extend the Life of Your Microwave

Microwave is one of the most important small appliances for any home. It is perhaps the most often used appliance and it is natural to keep it in good conditions.

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First of all, you should know that it is deadly for your microwave appliance to turn it on when it is empty or to put metal inside. You need to remember these if you do not want that your microwave to die too quickly. Their average life span is only two years but your appliance will last longer if you respect these two basic conditions.

Generally, most of the people know and respect these two basic conditions. However, not everyone knows that there are three other factors, which could jeopardize the integrity and shorten the life of this indispensable appliance.

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It is extremely important to cover your food you are heating or cooking, because any splatter can damage your microwave.

Microwave is a delicate piece of technology. When you look inside you can see usually on the right side a piece of fiberboard. This little piece covers an important compartment. This compartment is in fact, the heart of the microwave. Inside it is the element that produces microwaves.

If your food is uncovered, there are all chances that spilled food or grease to cover this little piece of fiberboard that acts as a filter. This filter will be clogged and microwaves cannot pass anymore through it, leading to your appliance to fry itself.

At first glance, it may seem safe to heat water, tea, coffee or any other beverage without covering the container but in time you will have the same unfortunate result.

You should cover almost everything you cook or heat. The acid component of tea or coffee can etch the inside of your appliance and waves will not reflect properly.


This is a generally and an extremely important rule. In fact, the microwave oven is not designed to cook in it. It has an uneven heating. Therefore, cooking can be unsafe. For example, you cannot cook chicken in your microwave, because waves are not enough to kill the bacteria or parasite eggs on the skin.

Only a traditional oven can provide enough heat to kill these bacteria or parasite eggs. The same is similar for beef, pork or lamb. The heat emitted by microwave is not enough to kill the parasite eggs, bacteria or larvae in meat.

The microwave oven is not designed to cook. It can be used instead, to defrost, re-heat or even pre-cook.

After twenty minutes of cooking it is possible that the inside walls of your microwave oven to warp leading waves to reflect randomly and to destroy your appliance.

However, today most of the microwaves are programmable just because of that.  You can use your microwave for 10 minutes with five minutes break and again 10 minutes at a high temperature.


It is essential to keep your microwave clean all the time.

– Wipe out your microwave after every use.
– Clean the little vents that are in the top of the microwave. Clean them from inside. Do not let them to be clogged.
– Clean any food or beverage spill immediately. Use a 50/50 solution of water and white vinegar. However, allow time to dry before using it again.