Tips and Tricks for Fireplace Decoration

Fireplace mantels are often the focal points of a room. Just as with any other exposed items, displaying objects on the fireplace mantel requires a degree of balance and proportion.

Therefore, regardless of the nature of these objects they do not must be placed at random.

1| Use decorative elements of different shapes and sizes. Start with a high element positioned in the back and add a few small items from increasingly further forward;

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2| Do not be afraid to arrange objects one against the other. In fact, this is a very good idea, because it creates a depth sensation. Remember, your space is not a photograph, a two-dimensional space. Your guests will admire it from all directions, not just frontal. Foreground elements should not overlap over the back items.

3| If you are a fan of symmetry, the proven formula that always works is to put a large object in the middle (such as a vase with flowers) and then the flank on each side, with pair elements (to create a mirror image );

4| When using multiple objects keep in mind that this number should be always odd (rule of 3). For example, three candlesticks instead of two or five vases with buds instead of four. This applies to almost any decorating: when it comes to groups, odd numbers are better than even numbers;

5| For a formal look, decorate your fireplace mantel with objects pair on each side of it;

6| Try not to use a completely randomly assortment of items. Find complementary decoration styles, themes or colors. The items must be connected somehow;

7| Balance does not necessarily mean similarity or matching. Some small lighting objects, arranged on one side of the console can be balanced with a large one located on the other side;

8| To create a real focal point and to draw attention to an art object, place this object in the mantel center;

9| And one last thing, do not overload, do not put too many items on the fireplace mantel because it will seem cluttered and crowded, which can exhaust the viewer. Allow objects to breathe otherwise they will lose in disarray.

Conclusion: Some of these ideas, especially those relating to balance and proportion may seem confusing, but in reality, are quite simple. Your own eyes will tell you if something does not fit. It is important to experience various variants until you feel satisfied with the result. The most comfortable thing is to think positively. After all no arrangement and no exposed object is permanent, you can always to reposition your objects and “to play” with your design.

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