Cool French Inspired Kitchens

With mild chalky and pastel nuances and colors, country and rustic details and painted furniture and cabinetry, French-inspired kitchens and dining rooms have a certain charm, elegance and why not? luxurious about them. This look is inviting, friendly and homely, yet still elegant and stylish – everything the hub of every home should be.

In one case for instance, white tiles, the painted floorboards, pastel colored furniture pieces and grey walls create a airy, bright living space, while the low-level copper and antique pendant lamps provide an intimate, stylish lighting. The whole look is completed off with splashes of copper and green accessories and ornaments, adding detail and interest.

So no matter what your preference – contemporary, country or even rustic – this is a distinct interior design style that, if done right, will never ever go out of style. We can say without any doubt that it’s almost a too nice style to cook in…

French inspired kitchen is certainly a perfect choice for anybody who strive to achieve that vibrant and nonchalant spark in their kitchen. French style is universal accepted because of this nonchalant, charm and elegant look that this style reflects. In other words French inspired kitchen is a mix of sophistication and elegance, featured with both luxurious and heavy but charming elements balanced with white and creamy color scheme.
A classy French style kitchen has a really profound and bold character with various and superb decorative levels.

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