Colours of this Year in Interior Design

Each year brings new trends and ideas in interior design. New shapes, patterns and textures appear in the preferences of designers, and colors are no exception to this rule.

So if you intend to be in step with the latest trends in interior design you can easily transform your home using the colors of this year.

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Emerald Green: This year, are in fashion bold and bright colors such as emerald green which is actually designated the color of this year. However, to meet consumer preferences and demands, experts have proposed for 2013 unusual combinations of colors. So this year the most tones and shades present in interior design are, emerald, Monaco-blue, grayed-jade, dusk-blue, lemon-zest, the tender shoots, linen, African violet, nectarines and poppy-red.

Of course, neutrals remain in the preferences of decorators and designers because they are ideal to make a clean base that allows you to later add a splash of color or accent regardless of the space where they are used.

Emerald green color is suitable for any room because it transmits a feeling of freshness, health and elegance.

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In fact, with the help of this color you can highlight your living room or bedroom, painting a wall in a sublime emerald green and the other three walls in a darker shade of brown. However, if you prefer something more subtle, bring this color into your house through a sofa, curtains or decorative cushions.

Yellow: Yellow is also in fashion this year. You can highlight the hot and intense shades of this colour through accessories, fabrics and furniture pieces. Since yellow offers brightness to the narrow and darker spaces making them look bigger, it is the right color for the kitchen and hallway.

Remember that both yellow and emerald green are impressive and powerful colors that stand out regardless of how little quantity is used.

Lime Green and Purple: For dining and living room are recommended shades of lime green or purple. These stylish colors go very well together, forming a perfect visual balance. Such a special effect created by the right mix of two colors is the key to a successful interior design.

Green and Blue: An interesting combination of colours is the mixture of green and blue. These natural cool colors give the feeling of spaciousness and serenity.

Orange and Red: Warm colors such as orange and red are used in small amounts, especially among small furniture pieces and decorative accessories.

Black: Black brings mystery in a bright room and connects the colours of the nature (green and blue) and the color of the sky (at night). However, a wall painted black, even if at first glance looks grim, gives depth to a room and create a focal point.

Tangerine: Also, the star of 2012, tangerine, still remains in the designer preferences. This color is suitable for both traditional décor and modern interior. In combination with turquoise and pink will give a youthful appearance to any room, and used with dark gray and brown will create a little more conservative décor.

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