A clever Danish concept – hygge [hoo-ga]

Hygge (pronounced “hoo-ga”) is a Danish term that is difficult to translate but simply refers to a state of happiness. Several words can be used to characterize the concept of hygge, including convenience, serenity, charm, happiness, safety, familiarity, comfort, tranquility, and simplicity, all of which are fundamental components of this theme. In other words, anything that puts you in a pleasant mood can be termed hygge: comfortable clothes, soul food, fragrant candles, a relaxation space set aside just for you, and so on.

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Adopt the hygge concepts.

Without any doubt, December is the best month to experience what hygge means: the decor, soft garments, fluffy and warm blankets, fur slippers, hot chocolate and mulled wine with cinnamon, lit candles every evening, season movies, gifts, and snow… and the list may go on forever. But, because Christmas, like all good things, lasts a while, we’d want to provide you with some pointers so you can apply this notion every day of the year.

As I previously stated, it is important to create a pleasant and friendly environment. Follow the Danish example and incorporate more hygge into your daily routine for a joyful life full of delightful moments (regardless of the season). Some define hygge as “the art of creating intimacy” (with oneself, with friends, or in general with your living area).

How you can create a hygge atmosphere in your home.

To always create a nice mood in the house, employ a combination of lights. Developing the ideal solution for each room entails striking a balance between ambient and utilitarian interior lighting.

Arrange your bathroom such that you may use it as your personal “SPA” whenever you want. Aside from the essential requirements of a bathroom, another reason to pay attention to its design is that it is likely the only place in the house where you can properly relax. After a hard day, nothing beats sitting in a hot bath with soft music, candlelight, and a bubble bath. Choose soft, cotton towels, a stand for a bottle of wine and your favorite book, and some candles.

Also, if you have a balcony, make the most of it by transforming it into a home hideaway, complete with a tiny garden, a peaceful reading nook, and other amenities. The balcony can be completely separate from the rest of the house in terms of decoration, making it an ideal area to let your imagination run wild. If there is enough space, you may add a hammock or even a tiny rocking rocker; a comfortable recliner and a super soft blanket for cold evenings; lanterns, colored and scented candles, flowers of all types; you can convert it into your personal art workshop, and so on.

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