Bold design ideas and tips for modern kitchens

Start your makeover of your home with the kitchen.

Are you tired with the way your home looks and want to start a significant improvement project? It could be a good idea to start with the kitchen. After all, this space is regarded as the home’s center. And if you’re unsure of how to get started, we’ll give you a suggestion: think about the modern design aesthetic.

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Best Modern Kitchens | Interior Design Ideas #1 (video)

Modern design is simple and elegant and works well in both small and large places. It won’t be difficult to give your kitchen a new look if you are familiar with the key elements of this design aesthetic. with instance, you could choose some metal-leg kitchen chairs or switch out your old lamp with a led chandelier, but let’s talk in more depth about each one separately. In this post, we’ll provide you a few audacious suggestions for modern kitchens:

Add a splash of color to your kitchen.

You should be aware that experts in interior design advise giving your kitchen a splash of color. It is typical for these rooms to be decorated in various colors of white, black, gray, cream, or anthracite. Such variations are timeless and cannot go out of style. However, you should be aware that a colorful kitchen is a surefire success. In this way, adding ornamental items or furniture with vibrant colors might be a creative concept for modern kitchens. For instance, you can choose a table set with kitchen chairs that have a vibrant print and metal legs or other decorations like a wall clock or interesting artwork.

Choose metal elements.

We immediately conjure up images of the industrial style when we think about metal products. This furnishing style, which is highly regarded by designers from all over the world, adds a touch of modernism to any space. Thus, including two kitchen chairs with iron legs and lighting fixtures in an industrial design is extremely simple. In this sense, your options include a suspended chandelier or a pendulum.

Buy playful kitchen accessories.

And while we’re on the subject of kitchen accessories, choosing plain glass containers and combining them with metal ones that have unique patterns or customized writing would be a great idea. Even kitchen tools may give a space a contemporary feel. Models in pastel colors, such powder pink or mint green, are available here.

Choose suspended shelves.

What didn’t look particularly appealing a few years ago is now an accent detail that is employed in practically every design job. Interior designers adore suspended shelves, and there are many ways to employ them in the kitchen. For instance, you might set various objects on them, like crystal glasses, coffee mugs, attractive plants, or even spice jars. Additionally, hanging shelves in natural wood tones can perfectly match kitchen furniture that is only one color. The clearest example of this is the pairing of white and oak.

Replace the old cabinet handlers.

If you want to give your kitchen a little refreshment, bringing a modern air to the space, then you can opt for new furniture handles. Such a solution is not expensive at all and also gives you the opportunity to take care of the installation yourself.

Add a nature touch.

Naturalness is a further consideration when designing a contemporary space. From this perspective, decorative plants are especially significant. If you don’t want to use real plants, you can substitute some artificial ones. Regardless of your choices, you should be aware that this option is ideal, especially in kitchens with subdued wooden accents.

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