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There are usually numerous questions when it comes to kitchen design. Because their kitchen has an unusual design, some people are unsure how to properly arrange all of the elements. It has 5 or even 6 vertices at the same time. Others wish to represent unusual finishes in a typical kitchen. In reality, and in another scenario, you must carefully consider everything.

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The presence of an irregular room is the major reason when the owners will start to finish, where a non-standard form of the kitchen area will be there. There are numerous examples of this. When you buy a house or a flat and the only area to put a kitchen is, say, a triangle room, you may become perplexed. Yes, your house is absurdly designed, but a way out must be discovered. You can surprise everyone by designing your own kitchen.

A more prevalent issue is a lack of awareness about the entire room’s remodeling, from the kitchen to adjacent rooms. The presence of several window apertures and protruding walls can be concerning.

As a result, those confronted with these questions should first calm themselves, then sit down and carefully consider the original concept. Your unique space could turn out to be a bonus, and you could benefit greatly from discovering hidden reserves. At the very least, your friends or acquaintances will be envious of you.


Consider different layout options:

Trapezoidal kitchen:

You can’t get away from having a trapezoidal kitchen in your home. So simply select the most profitable and appealing design.

The kitchen set, along with the work area and washbasin, can be arranged in the shape of the letter P, with 90-degree angles. Create an eating area along the slanted wall. You must mount such a table, which is typically found in carriages, for convenience.

Allow one part to stand on two legs while the other is attached to the wall using a specific folding mechanism.

Create a green zone of indoor plants where the window opening is (again, if the space permits it). A dining area can be accommodated in a trapezoidal kitchen by using a window opening.

Triangular kitchen:

Do not despair and believe that having a triangle kitchen is a waste of time… There are certain drawbacks, such as the difficulty in selecting a kitchen unit (you must order) and the positioning of domestic appliances. But keep in mind that all problems can be solved. In this scenario, you should use the law of a triangular form, because the typical ‘working triangle’ of the location of the washbasin, stove and refrigerator has already been established, and you have a starting point. Then proceed according to your preferences.

If your kitchen is shaped like a substantially elongated right-angled triangle, place two elements on one side (for example, a cooker and a sink).

Polygonal kitchen:

Have you got a polygonal kitchen with sloping walls? Then you should be aware that you should not overcrowd such a space with decorations and furnishings.

In a pentagonal or hexagonal room, try shiny facades that alter the perception of the surrounding walls. Natural light will enhance the effect.

Don’t forget about the furnishings. It must be properly positioned.

Divide the kitchen with a divider (made of glass or a heavier material) and position the kitchen section behind it. This will get you the correct seat. You can set up a relaxation space and a dining room there.

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