Brass Chandeliers a Smart Choice for Your Home

You should choose brass chandeliers if you want the best décor for your home. They have long been favorites in the homeowner preferences and still are.

In fact, this is not at all a surprise. Brass is a metal not only durable, reliable and versatile, but has a warm golden glow that provides a familiar and soothing atmosphere, in any part of the house where it is present.

Brass chandeliers are considered to be the best among all the chandeliers, because come in a wide range of sizes, styles and designs and you can be sure that you will find all the necessary accessories to match with any existing decorative style.

What are the advantages of using brass in making chandeliers?

Colours: Depending on the proportions of copper and zinc contained in the alloy, brass color can be a deep earthy red or a bright golden yellow. These distinctive colors make brass to be the ideal alloy for any light fixture.

Malleability: Its malleability allows also the brass to be poured in models ranging from traditional Victorian patterns to Art Deco lines and sharp angles.

Brass has been widely used for manufacturing chandeliers, ranging from authentic antique models to ultra-modern and elegant designs.

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Brass & Glass Combination: When brass is combined with light fittings, cast glass, crystal or stained glass windows the result is a truly amazing lighting device that can serve as the centerpiece in your home.

Where you can install a brass chandelier: Since there are so many sizes to choose from, you can be sure that you will find the chandelier that fits perfectly with every part of your house – from the formal large chandeliers for living room, dining room or library, mini chandeliers for bedroom, bathroom or hallway.

The maintenance of brass chandeliers

Fortunately, the regular maintenance of these types of chandeliers is not a tiresome work. However, it is absolutely necessary a weekly dusting or wiping with a dry cloth.

In exceptional cases when, due to prolonged exposure to air, the surface of a brass chandelier becomes dull, you need to take special steps to fix it.

  • – Before cleaning, make sure to turn off the light or disconnect it from the power source to avoid electrocution. If this is not possible, cover each bulb with plastic bags.
  • – Remove stains by scraping with a wire or an abrasive pad and then spray the area with a lacquer paint for added protection.
  • – Other ways to polish the brass chandelier are: the use of special brass lakes that are on the market or using olive oil.


No wonder that homeowners prefer the brass chandeliers, considering the advantages they present.

Whether you want this decorative element to be the centerpiece of a room or just a simple light source, you can be sure that a brass chandelier enhances the look of any room of your home.

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