Brick Floors for Interior and Exterior

For those who prefer a rustic house arrangement, floors clad with brick are the best choice. Brick flooring are extremely practical because of their strength, durability and low maintenance.

Interior design specialists say that this type of flooring is often associated with arrangement style of farms and rural houses in Europe. So, it is the ideal flooring for decoration in “Provence”, “Country” or “Rustic” style.

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The many textures, sizes and colors of brick floors can fit into any interior designer’s plan. Brick can be a rich background for other construction materials or may be even a dominant and rich decorative theme.

Brick floors fit perfectly with natural wood furniture, wrought iron accessories (curtain holders, plants, indoor stair railing, decorative grille of the fireplace etc.) or jute and sisal rugs. Also, in industrial loft-style homes, brick blends fantastically with chrome metal (pipes, ladders, scaffolding, shelves or furniture, etc.).

Brick Floor Advantages

1. One of the main advantages of using brick in floor tiling is a very low price. You can buy both new, unused pieces, and bricks obtained from the demolition of old houses.

2. The lifetime of such coatings is at least 30 years, and the color palette is extremely varied, from golden hues and tones passing through copper, red and brown. So, the effect created by a brick floor is amazing, greatly improving the overall appearance of a room.

3. Another advantage of this type of flooring is the low maintenance, especially if you choose to cover it with a layer of varnish that keeps stains at bay.

4. Brick is fireproof – another quality that may convince you to use this type of flooring in your home.

5. Setting a brick floors can be extremely varied, depending on the desire and imagination of everyone. Brick flooring  can be interlaced with pieces of wood floors or natural stone, creating stunning patterns.

Perhaps the only disadvantage of this type of floor is the irregular surface which can cause discomfort while walking.

Cleaning Interior Brick Floors

Brick flooring can be easily cleaned with a lightly alkaline solution such as washing soda (borax). Pour 1 tablespoon of borax in a gallon of water. Use a mob or a soft brush soaked in this solution and clean thoroughly your flooring. Rinse well with a lot of water to remove all the borax solution.

However, sealing your brick flooring will make it much easier to clean, but many experts recommend not sealing your brick flooring because it can seal any moisture that is already inside the brick.

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