Buying a House with Mold Problem!? – Pros and Cons

For any of us buying a home is a major investment and I do not think there is anyone who wants to buy a house that had or has mold problem. Of course, everyone wants a perfect house in a good neighborhood. There are plenty of great deals in the Real Estate Market, and it is likely to find your dream house. Your future home seems perfect only with one exception, mold problem.

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Even if it seems a great deal for you, it is advisable that before buying process begins, to know something about this major and common problem.

First, you should know that a house with mold problem could be challenging for a potential buyer. It can seriously affect both your health and your finances.

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Why You Should Call an Expert?

First, not always you can detect the mold presence. Unfortunately, even if a house seems to be mold free, there are cases when the mold is presented by little spores, invisible to the naked eye.

Therefore, you cannot be always sure if there is mold in a house, you are considering buying. In addition, we have to take into account the following aspect.

Mold comes in different colors and shapes. It is a fungus and it can be white, green, gray or black. Some are visible and smelling others are not. Not to mention that they can grow in less accessible spots such as attics, basements, behind drywall, etc.

Besides that, mold can cause serious health problems. There are cases, rare indeed, when mold can produce mycotoxins, which can cause respiratory problems, bleeding, fatigue, rashes, etc.

Therefore, an expert presence is advisable. Only, an expert (home inspector) can give you the right advice.

If you have, any reason to suspect the presence of mold you should hire a professional mold testing company before buying the house.

They will see any signs of mold or water damage, which led to mold.

Should You Buy a House with Mold Problem?

In fact, essentially the whole problem is financial. You buy this house because it has a good price.

The best idea for you is to weigh all options and costs (mold removal and house renovation).

However, you should know that mold tests are quite complicated and expensive. Therefore, you need to know whether all these costs and the time is worth the price you will pay.

If the price exceeds the purchase limit, an option would be to ask the seller if he accept a price reduction or he is willing to take some of the costs on him.

If no option is working then the only alternative left is to walk away from the deal.