Lighting for Concrete Steps

In the house construction industry, concrete is one of the most used construction materials. Concrete is used everywhere, outdoor or indoor, for foundation, driveways, stairs, floors, even kitchen countertop.

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Because of its durability and relatively low cost concrete is widely used in staircase construction and you can be sure that your concrete stairs will last for years.

After the concrete is poured and cured, concrete stairs can be stained or stamped to complete any décor and style.

To increase the visual appearance of the steps and also for safety and security reasons you need a proper lighting.

Overhead Lighting

Overhead lighting is a good solution for outdoor or indoor stairs. However, for safety reasons you need a proper, strong, shining overhead illumination, to prevent any fall and injuries that can occur.

Overhead lights are inexpensive lights and you can find them in many types, sizes, and styles. You can also, adjust their lengths for a perfect spot illumination. Once again, a proper lighting will increase the safety, reducing the risk of injuries.

Ground Level Lighting

We agreed above that, proper overhead lighting is important for security and safety of concrete stairs. However, many homeowners choose ground level lighting, because they are useful to illuminate the bottom of the stairs.

However, this kind of lighting is use to complete the overhead lighting and it is made from strips that laid on the edge of every step, making easier for people to see them. Today, these ground lights are very durable and can be used outside. In plus they look great and can add charm to the beauty of the stairs.


With spotlighting you can also enhance the beauty of stairs and increase their safety. These lights come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and styles and their main role is to target an area.

They are the perfect solution for multilevel concrete stairs. Placed to each landing, spotlights are a great way to improve their safety and security. They have also, a dramatic effect in stair illumination.

Recessed Lighting

In a way recessed lights are similar with ground lights when they are placed in steps to outline them. However you can install them in the wall that is alongside the stairs. Unfortunately, you can install them only when you pour the concrete steps. They are more discrete than other types of lighting and can increase the safety of the stairs.

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