Carpet Burn Marks – Repair Instructions

A new carpet is beautiful and gives a new look to the room, but sometime it can be accidentally, burned. A dropped cigarette, cigar or even dropping a match while it is lit can cause an unsightly burn in your carpet.

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Although they might be small, burn marks are one of those things that once you see them you can’t un-see them, and they will forever stick out to you.

It’s really not difficult to repair your carpet. It just takes a steady hand and a spare bit of carpet.

1/ Take a piece of low grade sandpaper or a steel wool and rub the burn mark until the melted fibers are no longer visible.
Or you can cut the carpet fibers that are burned by using a pair of small scissors, or a hair clipper.

2/ Vacuum over the area to remove the residue from the cut fibers.
3/ If this dark spot is small, then simply glue back a few extra fibers trimmed from along a wall board, or even in a closet.
4/ If the burn is deeper, you may well want to think about carpet repair replacement. With an utility knife, cut around the burn mark on the carpet. Make the cut a little bigger than the actual burn. Also, take care to cut out the damaged carpet only and not the padding or floor underneath.

5/ Using the cutout as a template, cut a new piece of carpet from a remnant you may have around the house. The patch that you will cut in order to replace the damaged one needs to be at least slightly over sized to make sure of trimming down to the correct size for a ideal fit.
6/ Set the new patch down inside it to make sure it fits correctly. Lift it up and flip it upside down.
7/ Apply a carpet seam adhesive to the outer edges of the patch and in the middle. Set it down on the floor with the adhesive side down and press the carpet patch firmly with your fingers. In order for the carpet repair to stand the test of time make sure you do your homework and get the correct materials for the job.

NOTE: Instead of adhesive you can use double-sided carpet tape. When there are many little damaged spots close to each other cut out smaller patches instead of larger ones simply because they will be much less visible to see and also look at the carpet’s grain. The grain can be noticed when you vacuum, so do your finest to align your patch to the already existing grain.

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