The Relaxant Effect of Colors in Your House

We feel intuitively the importance of colors in any house when we walk into a room without even focus on it. The comfort of your home depends primarily on the chosen colors, tones and shades for your walls.

Colors are extremely important in our lives, extending its effects on several levels: they influence our perception of space and have an effect (beneficial or on the contrary) on our psyche. It is well known that different shades and tones of color can affect us positively or negatively our state of mind. Because these decorative “accessories”, our home can be transformed into an oasis of calm and relaxation, where you can recover lost energy due to everyday stress and problems.

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In fact, the colors effect is very powerful, and can induce us a good mood, or one of discomfort without us realizing it. However, you need to keep in your mind that the materials that are used for these colors to be of good quality, otherwise everything might seem shabby, cheap and of poor quality.

Yellow and Orange – The Colors of the Sun: Yellow has the same effect on our psyche as warm sunshine of spring, which wards off the last traces of a cold and grumpy winter. The more dark is the nuance, the brighter is the color.

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Orange color like yellow, gives any room a blast of optimism and good mood. Other alternatives of orange are the pleasant tones of coral, saffron and terracotta.

Gravel Gray and Terracotta Tones: Gravel gray but also, terracotta tones make the atmosphere of the house to be one of total relaxation.

Colors and Tones of Green: A feeling of refreshment is offered by green. Psychologists say that this color has beneficial effects on us helping us to disconnect and relax us. Designers offer lime painted furniture and green, and pastel shades of this color.

Pink – The Romantic Color: A romantic atmosphere may be obtained from pale pink color. However, pink is a versatile color, even if it makes us think at girl or Barbie rooms. So, using different shades and tones you can create a new decorating style in your home: romantic, kitsch or ultra modern.

Red – The Color of Energy: Red is known as the color of passion, love and warmth, and if it is applied on the house walls, but only in moderation, will create a very pleasant and energizing atmosphere.

Blue – The Color of Freshness: The blue paint is suitable for those who want to feel like their home is flooded by a fresh air that reminds of a sea breeze.

The Light Effect on Colors

We must be thrifty when it comes to red. This is too strong, exudes too much energy, which can bother us, but it is ideal to highlight some decorative accessories and furniture. You can paint one wall in a nice shade of red. However, the room should be spacious as red shrinks optically a space.

Shades of purple exude creativity and grace, and green bring nature closer to us.

Black and gray are colors that convey depth and drama.

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