Tool Review – Rapid Response 3.00 Black Pocketknife

Rapid Response is a quite new model of pocketknife. Although the pocketknife industry creates many new models every year, this pocketknife made in China has several features that highlight it.

Rapid Response 3.00 Pocketknife

But before see which are the pros and cons of “Rapid Response 3.00 Black Pocketknife” let’s see its physical characteristics.


Let’s take a look at this pocketknife:

a) Overall Knife Length (when open) – 17.78 cm / 7-inches
b) Blade Length – 7.62 cm / 3-inches
     Blade Material – High-carbon stainless steel
c) Knife Weight – 105 grams / 3.7-ounces
d) Knife Colour – Oxide coated (Black)
e) Handle Material – Nylon / Fiberglass
f) Blade Opening Mechanism – Spring assisted mechanism system (roller-cam technology)
g) Lock Mechanism – Liner lock plus Max-Lock system
h) Manufacture Country – China
i) Knife Accessories – Removable  ambidextrous pocket clip


Rapid response 300 black pocketknife is a pretty good knife. It is a small knife, in fact enough small to fit in any pocket.

However, although it is a small knife, it is sturdy pocketknife, suitable for many tasks. You can successfully use it in a camping to cut twigs, ropes or plastic bags. It is also useful for many household tasks such as cutting cardboard boxes, carpet, plastic fasteners, linoleum or rugs. You can use it in the kitchen to cut your bread or your meat and so on.

Its blade is very sharp and you do not need to sharpen it too often. One time in two months, it is more than enough. However, it is extremely easy to sharpen its blade.

Removable pocket clip is a very strong one.

It is a comfortable pocketknife, especially when you remove its pocket clip, not to mention its handle that it is also comfortable, sturdy and not slippery.

Rapid response 3.00 black pocketknife comes with a lifetime guarantee. However, it is required to pay $ 5.00 for handling and shipping in case you want to replace your pocketknife with a new one.

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Regrettably, but these pocketknives are built in such a way that it is almost impossible to open them with only one hand. You need both hands to open the knife.

You have to hold your knife handle with your right hand and grip both the thumb studs with your left thumb and index finger. Next, you need all your force to open the knife blade almost half way. In fact, the spring assisted mechanism system prevents the knife blade from freely opening all its way into a fully and locked open position.

Hard to explain what is the purpose of this mechanism. However, it is hazardous and dangerous to remove your left hand from the knife thumb studs when the knife is in the half way open position. The blade will lock into its open position due to a common liner lock.

Closing the blade requires also two hands. You have to release the lock with one hand and close the blade with the other one. Maybe here you can see the advantage of this spring assisted mechanism system (roller-cam technology). It prevents the knife blade from falling too easy into a closed position, which protects you from accidents.

Another disadvantage of this pocketknife is its price, between $50 and $65. It is pretty expensive. For this price you can obtain high quality knives from big manufacturers such as Spyderco, CRKT, Ka-Bar or Kershaw.