Classic style living room design with a modern touch

Is it possible to combine classic style with modern style?

Is it possible to incorporate both traditional and modern design elements? The decor of modern living rooms demonstrates this. See how to set up a space where two very contrasting aesthetics work remarkably well together. You are more than welcome to read the article and get inspired.

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Classic arrangements are what we think of when we think of the noble nature of old tenement dwellings, sturdy classic furniture, and accessories with history. Trends in the interior design field are more and more frequently providing solutions that give new life to even the oldest of homes. Style blending, eclectic juxtapositions, and quotes from several eras are becoming more and more common treatments. These fascinations serve as the foundation for arrangements that combine traditional and contemporary design elements. Sounds absurd to you? This time, no. A contemporary living room would be the ideal setting for this electrifying cocktail. Watch for yourself.

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How to combine classic and modern style?

Several tips and ideas:

A classic living room with a contemporary touch is a terrific way to breathe new life into a traditional-styled house. You may complete the transformation with the aid of minimalistic accents and decorations, and in some circumstances, by painting the walls a cooler color. This will give your living space an entirely new feel by adding contemporary elements at a reasonable cost and with little effort.

Is the layout of your living room contemporary? In a space like this, classic and contemporary design elements can coexist. Make sure that the space has features that give it a cozy feel because the timeless classic makes people think of the warmth of a home hearth. The essential furnishings for traditional interiors are soft pillows, bedspreads, and blankets draped in the windows.

Are you starting from scratch with your living room setup? The best! Following the lead of stylish arrangements in the modern classic style, you can combine classic and current styles. Invite both straightforward shapes and noble finishes to such a salon. Finding a balance between what is opulent and exquisite and what is inexpensive in expression is key to combining classic and current style successfully. We promise that the outcome will be beyond your expectations!

What kind of furniture?

Furniture with muted colors, a modest form, and high-quality workmanship will look wonderful in a traditional space with a modern touch. It is wise to select building blocks with natural wood tones, like oak or pine. Matte white will also be a wonderful option because it would brighten and optically enlarge the living room. Milled fronts and sculpted handles are appealing touches.

Modern style decorating accessories

When it comes to the choice of details, a living room that combines classics and modernism offers a vast array of opportunities to impress. It is worthwhile adding contemporary accents and decorations to a traditional home in order to give it new life. A translucent glass vase, a pendant lamp with a simple design, or a clock with a minimalist dial will all be popular.

Use varied materials to give the arrangement a fresh energy, such as metal, glass, or natural stone. You don’t have room to showcase additional small items, do you? Install movable wall shelves that are ideal for holding miniature flowers, mementos, and figurines.

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