Clear, Bright, and Stylish Living Rooms in Scandinavian Style Design

Scandinavian style living rooms

Scandinavian style or Nordic style is one of the most popular design styles.

Its popularity is increasing every year. No wonder why? It is a perfect design style for our contemporary lifestyle, especially for those living in big cities. It is simple, modern, minimalist, and affordable.

The Scandinavian style can be easily implemented in any room but particularly well in the living room.

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Clear, Bright, and Stylish Living Rooms | Scandinavian Style Design #1 (video)

Here, you will find a great image selection in 4K of living rooms in Nordic style. Lots of inspiration and great examples on how to furnish and decorate your own living room in Scandinavian style.

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Scandinavian style living room color combinations – light and bright

Light, soft, dusty colors and nuances are typical for the Nordic style design.

In the living room you will usually find a neutral background combined with the colors of the upholstered furniture and light-colored wood. Lot of wood.

However, you can also find individual color accents such as dusky pink, dark blue, dark green. etc.  They brig a bit of variety to the neutral background and make the home interior homely.

If you do not like everything in white and pastel nuances you can use a light grey background with black and white work and black decorative accessories.

Photo by Iconic Design+BuildSearch living room design ideas

Furnishing a living room in Scandinavian style

Lightweight and low-profile furniture pieces are the most indicate furniture style for a Scandinavian home interior.

For example, sofas and sectional sofas with slender legs, glass coffee tables, metal coffee tables, etc.

Instead, a single coffee table you can use two smaller coffee tables.

Do not forget the ottomans and the floor pillows.

Scandinavian style living room décor

In the Nordic style living room, it is the best to use very sparingly decorative accessories, timeless objects, eye-catching items such as textiles, artwork, wood objects, glass objects, ceramic that create excitement.

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