Colour and Warmth in Mexican Style Interior Design

Traditional Mexican elements can be found in very interesting, designs and redecoration home projects, full of originality, color and joy.

Rustic wood, hand painted tiles, ornaments masonry Greco granite, natural stone, ceramic, wrought iron, rich fabrics are all materials that are found in abundance in Mexican-style décor and in fact, in any Mexican house, can become truly works of art in the project of a creative home interior designer.

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Interior Design Elements

Walls: The main element of Mexican-style decoration is usually provided by walls painted in shades that make us think at dusk, dawn or even at the scorching sun.

FloorsFloors are usually made ​​of stone, ceramic or wood.

Ceiling: Most of these interior Mexican ceilings feature exposed beams, usually made ​​of pine wood.

Furniture: Furniture made ​​of solid wood, is usually large, carved and natural varnished. Wrought iron chairs and tables use clean lines and are durable and functional.

Fabrics: Cotton and other natural fiber textile side come also in this set with a long tradition and with the intent to enrich this wonderful design.

Colours: Mexican décor is complemented by colors inspired by nature, sage green, sunset yellow, orange, red, rich browns and shades of black, in general colors that bring warmth to any décor and which can be found in carpets, upholstery, textiles and other various decorative items.

Stucco: Stucco, a mixture of plaster, marble dust, glue and coloring minerals, which by drying and polishing, gets a look of marble, is widely used in decorating and arranging projects with Mexican inspiration for both interior and exterior projects.

Terracotta, Ceramic Tiles: Ceramic terracotta is very diversified in shades with vivid colors and patterns of an incredible beauty appeals to the warmth of the rustic Mexican designs and can be found most commonly in the decorative accessories.

As with any decorating style there are several other features of Mexican design style and you can choose to design a décor that conveys as  genuine as possible, which is good in this unique culture regarding interior and exterior design, or you can just choose some colourfl accents for a modern décor.

And because it is a unique style that requires expert advice it is highly recommended to seek the advice of a professional designer for your home.

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