Our 3 best tips when decorating a small apartment (part1)

Trying to make your brand-new apartment feel like home is quite difficult, especially when you are dealing with a not too generous space. It can also be more difficult when the apartment has an odd-shaped layout.

Small Apartment

But don’t worry! In the next three articles we are sharing with you our best tips that can help you to turn even the smallest living space into a home.

1. Light and colors – make the space to feel larger

It is well-known that any living space painted in a light color palette feels larger and brighter because the large wall surfaces can reflect more light.

But we have seen in other our posts that does not mean that certain dark color palette makes your apartment seem gloomy and small. On the contrary, a dark color scheme can give more depth, and the eye can be tricked into not seeing where the wall ends. In addition, by using saturated dark colors, reflective surfaces, and shiny metal surfaces, you will be able to create a sophisticated and elegant dΓ©cor atmosphere.

If you choose colors and nuances that harmonize you can successfully create a living space that look more spacious than it really is. Also painting the walls, moldings, and ceiling in the same color, you get smooth transitions between large surfaces. That means less disruption, which also helps to give a greater sense of space. Do not forget to add a large variety of textures to break the feeling of a boring home interior.

Regarding the furniture, textiles, and decorative accessories. Choose only furniture and fabric in similar hues to the wall paint to make them harmoniously blend into the decor. This will create an elegant and calm living space that certainly feels larger than it is.

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But let’s back to our theme for today article.

2. Carpets and area rugs

Not only that area rugs and carpets add style having a huge aesthetical impact, but they also help to define specific zones in the open space of your apartment. In addition, rugs are a smart investing item knowing you can take them with you when you move out.

Sometimes it is a good idea to choose something other than an ordinary, rectangular area rug. Why? Because a rectangular rug that is too small or too big will draw attention to the room size. It is a better idea, to choose a round or asymmetrical rug. It will create a sense of larger space and will fill most of the floor space without drawing attention to the small size of your home interior.

3. Think vertically

This is a genial idea when you are dealing with a small living space. After all, any room is three-dimensional. In other words, you have more than just the floor area to furnish and decorate.

So, it is extremely important not to forget the walls, all the vertical area that can be used for both decoration and storage. With limited floor space, you need to make the most of all the available surface.

Use the wall surfaces all the way up to the ceiling how much it is possible. Furniture pieces that are pulled all the way up to the ceiling, and wall-mounted shelving systems will visually open up the space, not to mention that they give you extra-storage space.

Wall-mounted decor also is extremely important in small living spaces and in fact, not only.

Another smart idea to make your room look bigger is to get your furniture off the floor. The space that you gained under the wall-mounted furniture makes the room seem more open and airier.

And last thing. Don’t forget to use the area above kitchen cupboards, fridge, wardrobes and so on.

Thank you for your attention. See you to the second part of this interesting design theme.

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