Smart Consumers, Smart Refrigerators

Fridges Are Becoming Smarter

The future is friendly and in fact, is here in home appliances. It is simply a matter of time until we have a refrigerator’s food supervisor is connected to your home network, i.e. at a household’s smart manager. This home’s smart manager will be your virtual butler, which will connect and monitor all your appliances, from your laptop, iPad or cell phone to your flat screen TV. You have the possibility to scan every grocery item that you bought, with your smart phone. These data will be loaded into your refrigerator memory that will create suggestions and recipes according to them. Of course, the products that are going to expire, will be used first in these recipes and suggestions. In fact as mentioned by Frank Lee, who is the general manager of LG Electronics CanadaSmart appliances are already here”. This incredible smart piece of technology as the food supervisor (manager) is already on the market in many pilot cities worldwide.

Photo by LG STUDIOSearch kitchen design ideas

French door refrigerators (or three door fridges) is another clever invention. French door refrigerators are called also three door fridges, because they have two doors above and the third one below, which is actually the freezer. Why these fridges are so popular, today? Maybe because they are suitable for tight and narrow spaces as the most apartment and condominium kitchens. However, in a small size kitchen is preferably a refrigerator with two smaller doors than a fridge with a single larger door. Therefore, French door refrigerators are becoming increasingly popular, surpassing the traditional ones, side-by-side refrigerators.

Trends, today, are for a larger living space, which can only be to the detriment of kitchens. Kitchens are becoming smaller and smaller, so smaller fridges and ranges are increasing in variety and popularity as well.

Stainless Steel Appliances Still Reign

As for color of the appliances, stainless steel is further the number one when North American and European customers select their appliance bundle packages.

What about washers and dryers? The front-load washing machine is absolutely the very first option for more than 85% of customers, and only 15% prefer the old kind, the top-load ones.

Induction cooking, smooth-top stoves, infrared grilling and steam cooking are several options customers are selecting when buying appliances; Steve Preiner from Bosch Appliances  says that many consumers prefer now ingenious ideas like counters with different modules for cooking such as a barbecue grill, a steamer, induction surface, a wok burner, and even a deep fryer.

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