Industrial Style Chic Bedroom Ideas

Industrial style chic bedroom interior design is an increasing popular urban signature that mix authenticity and simplicity. Apparently, it is quite eccentric that it can expose different elements and yet comes out with charm and character.

Photo by Lucy CallLook for bedroom design inspiration

Industrial style chic bedroom design incorporates rough textures and materials with utilitarian edge with rough and sometimes used aged woods. Often it has a traditional or even modern touch but sometimes it features unfinished or raw rough materials. Many times it has concrete walls and or ceilings and floors but generally it has exposed old brick walls that it is in fact, a signature of this original interior design style. It may also feature big ceiling pipes and wooden beams to get that unmistakable industrial look, as well as stainless steel glimpses and sleek metal accents.

Industrial Style Chic Bedroom Ideas (video)

If you are inspired by industrial style chic you can easily find ideas to incorporate this trend into your home. You will find character and beauty reclaimed wood, peeling old paint, neutral tones or black, silver and white colors and a pared-back aspect.

Use everything you’ve got, but using with what you may find can be more funny.

Industrial, wooden or metallic pieces can look a little severe and rough on their own, but when paired with reclaimed old timbers, a natural colour palette and fine pieces of ceramics, the overall look becomes sublime and a bit softer, not to mention the utility beauty weighing in the contrast.

Material Texture Adds Charm and Character

Texture is extremely important, therefore old furniture pieces work so great, as bumps and knocks, peeling paint and even wear and tear add charm and character.
There are shops all around country for who willing to search an find a little raw industrial appeal, not to mention the furniture auctions for those extremely passionate.


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