How to make the most of the storage space in the bedroom

Bedroom storage space โ€“ smart solutions

Small Bedroom

Is your bedroom a little too small?

Do you have enough storage space in your bedroom?

With these smart solutions presented here, in this article, you can make full use of the storage space in your bedroom. After all, every inch counts.

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Here are good tips that can help you โ€œto increaseโ€ the storage space of your bedroom.

Raise your bed

If you raise your bed just a few centimeters you can enjoy and use a completely new storage area with ample space for deep drawers. It is not a big or complicated project. You just need to give your bed some extra-long legs and to buy a few plastic boxes with lids. Then you can easily pull them out when you need to use something.

Raise your bed even more

Letโ€™s continue this idea: a raised bed and smart storage underneath. This time, however, it is about a bit more height. What do you think? A smart way to make room for both a desk and a bookshelf and. Even if you don’t need a desk, the space can be used for lots of cabinets and shelves.

Take advantage of the room height

Does your wardrobe or closet seem inefficient and bad structured? It may be the right time to invest in a custom-built one that covers the entire wall both in width and height.

Then you can also arrange the interior of the wardrobe to suit your needs exactly.

Mount hooks on the bedroom door

If you have a small bedroom with limited storage space for your stuff, you will be forced to think outside the box.

A hook on the inside of the door is a smart and simple solution.

Buy a bedside table with drawers

When it’s time to choose a bedside table, it may be an idea to look for a bigger one with many drawers.

Build around the headboard

Ditch the headboard and instead surround your bed with built-in boxes, cupboards, and open shelves. In this way, you can considerably increase the storage space.

Get right into the bedroom corners

With this simple and easy to do idea, the corners of your bedroom can be transformed into valuable extra-storage space. Measure and cut a wooden board into triangles that will fit in the bedroom corners. Mount these shelves one above the other in the corner, and you will have a practical storage solution.

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