Combine Classic with Rebellious, Bedroom Pendant Lamps

Don’t forget the bedroom lighting

There are many inspiration sources when it comes to furnishing and decorating a contemporary bedroom or master bedroom, from Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook to furnishing and decorating stores and magazines.

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But you do not have to forget the bedroom lighting.

Lighting is so important for the overall bedroom décor.

Please, read this article and also check out the creative and inspiring ideas from our new uploaded video from our YouTube channel “Grig Stamate” .

Combine Classic with Rebellious Elements, Bedroom Pendant Lamps (video)

You can see the term “rebellious” in our video and article. Why “rebellious”?

We are starting a new capitol and a new video series. The term is meaning that we want to show other ways to furnish and decorate a contemporary living space, no matter if it is a living room, dining room, bathroom, kitchen, or a bedroom.

We also want to present you furnishing and decorating alternative that are breaking the conventional rules.

In this case, the term “rebellious” is constructive not destructive.

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Choose the lighting style of your bedroom

There are so many styles of bedrooms from modern and Scandinavian style to boho and romantic.

No matter the style you need light. Of course, always it is a suitable table lamp for every style.

But are you going for sleek and modern or minimalism?

Then consider a cube- or glob-shaped lamp next to your bed.

Or much better a pendant lamp instead of a table lamp.

And when I am speaking about pendant lamps, I am speaking about other design styles not just modern.

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Just imagine an oriental bedroom or a Moroccan style bedroom with stunning Oriental pendant lamps.

Or a country style bedroom and rural type hanging lamps.

There are many options, aren’t they?

The point is you need to think about what style you want to create inside of your bedroom before choosing and buying the lighting fixtures.

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Make the bedroom lighting proof

In terms of lighting a bedroom is quite different from other rooms. After all, bedroom lighting doesn’t have to be functional and practical.

Think just aesthetically. Your lighting needs to set the tone of your bedroom atmosphere.

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