Contemporary style or creating a personal and unique ambience

Contemporary style – combination of elements and characteristics.

Contemporary style successfully integrates components and features of modern style with the warmth and intimacy associated with classical styles such as art-deco, traditional, eclectic, and so on. As a result, we have areas that are uniquely furnished, pleasant, friendly, and relaxing. Everything that is trendy in terms of design and interior design meets only what a person truly enjoys, resulting in a distinctive and unique atmosphere.

This style is inspired by nature in many aspects, including the color palette, finishes, and textures used by designers in this environment. The open-space concept is evident, with big, light-filled spaces.

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The choice of colors in the contemporary style.

The neutral-colored walls and furniture provide an ideal backdrop for bold-colored accessories and decorations. If the focus is on the color of the walls, neutral tones are used for the furniture and other objects.

This combination contributes to the creation of the essential color balance in the specified color spectrum for psychological comfort.

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The furniture.

In contrast to the modern living room, the furniture compositions in the contemporary living room are more compact and offer more space to display decorative objects, whereas the sofas and armchairs are voluminous and very comfortable, with straight or rounded shapes and a sophisticated appearance.

To establish a socializing space, multiple sofa types or opposing shapes and colors might be used. And here, the spacious coffee table, with an interesting design and made of a different material than the other objects in the room, stands out as a contrast to the rest of the furniture, becoming the focal point of the decor.

A contemporary kitchen might have a modern style with minimalist influences or a slightly classic look with geometric elements that maintain the volume and horizontal orientation of the bodies. It makes use of material contrasts such as aluminum, stainless steel, wood, and glass.

If everything is covered in the modern kitchen, it is preferred in the contemporary kitchen to leave cooking equipment and other ornamental objects exposed on open shelves.

The modern bedroom incorporates traditional, modern, and minimalist aspects, with an emphasis on comfort and elegance. The enormous, sometimes upholstered bed is the focal point of the room. Each piece in a contemporary bedroom’s design is distinct in its own right and adds to the construction of a luxuriant environment that welcomes rest.

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Decorations and accessories.

In terms of decorations and accessories, the contemporary style is quite open to incorporating specific aspects from any style. They can be found in the living room, dining room, corridors, and bedrooms. Metal, wood, ceramic, glass, and stone are used to create them.

Designers may have fun with contemporary lighting. Simple spotlights framed in the ceiling or hidden in cupboards, minimalist floor lamps, avant-garde chandeliers with strange shapes, and majestic chandeliers with classical inspiration can all be employed. The most impressive appears to be the one-of-a-kind arrangements of lighting fixtures from various types. It all comes down to taste and the ability to combine them creatively.

Finally, one might define contemporary style as a collection of representative pieces that, when combined without generating chaos, add individuality to the space while expressing the personality and temperament of the host.

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