Our 3 best tips when decorating a small apartment (part3)

Trying to make your brand-new apartment feel like home is quite difficult, especially when you are dealing with a not too generous space. It can also be more difficult when the apartment has an odd-shaped layout.

Small Apartment Design

The third part of the article series: “Our 3 best tips when decorating a small apartment”. Here, you will discover other three tips that can help you to turn even the smallest living space into a home.

  1. Lightweight and transparent furniture

When it comes to choose furniture for your small apartment, the visual, massive weight of any furniture piece should be taken in consideration.

Transparent and lightweight furniture is always the best choice if you live in a small apartment. Using transparent furniture, don’t block the line of sight and you will see practically from wall to wall. In this way, your living space seems larger than it really is.

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And speaking about furniture. Try to get as much as possible the furniture off the floor. A furniture piece on legs always will look larger than a massive and solid furniture that is directly placed on the floor. For example, low profile and large sofa, without legs placed on the floor will make the living room feel smaller. So, using furniture that sits at a some high always will make your small apartment feel more spacious.

And another thing. Maybe it seems contradictory, but always choose a larger sofa than two or three smaller sitting pieces. The space will look larger than it really is.

Do not push all your sofa against the walls. A little space behind it makes the living room look more spacious than it is.

2. It is good to furnish just according to your use

Do not exaggerate when it comes to furnish and decorate your small apartment. Just enough to meet your specific using needs. Buy furniture pieces that can be easily moved around when you need to change and adapt the design. As mentioned in the previous articles, custom furniture, although is more expensive, can create optimal use of space. In other words, it is perfectly suited for a small apartment.

3. Use your creativity

When your living space is quite limited and you don’t have enough space for more furniture, use your creativity.

For example, a dining chair can turn into a functional side table. An ottoman can be turned into a coffee table, the dining table can be also used as a desk and so on.

Only your creativity can stop you. It is so important to be creative when you live in a small apartment. If you need some inspiration, we recommend checking online. Websites as YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, interior design magazines are full of creative and inspiring ideas.

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