Cool Tricks to Save Money when You Decorate Your House

It is known that. Every time you want to decorate your home, redecorate it or you want to improve its overall look, you have to pull money out of pocket. Usually, even if you propose yourself to make only one change and assign to it a reasonable and affordable budget, you realize that you have to change something more, then something else and so on until your renovations exceeds the amount allocated.

Of course, at the end of the work you will feel an immense satisfaction when you see “your little castle” arranged and stylish, but you can get the same result and you can save a significant amount of money if you use some clever tricks.

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1. Buy Used Furniture

It is a preconceived idea that you can not to renew decor of your home with second hand furniture. And after all, the last thing you want it when you decorate your house, is to fill it with worn furniture, but you should know that you can save a lot of money if you choose this option, not to mention the fact that you can approach a fancy style.

Antique looking furniture pieces fit perfectly to shabby chic style and can give a vintage note to any interior. Moreover, you can intelligently reuse those furniture parts that you find useless in your home, or you can recondition furniture pieces from a friend who is thinking to give them up.

For example cover an old table with a delicate and sophisticated material and you can use it as a support for books.

2. “Don’t Pay Attention” to Trends

Fashion comes and goes, so if you decorate your house according to the last trends it is very possible that in a year or two to have to make new changes. So to save money over time, it is wise to rely on a classic decor in neutral tones with color accents, which never goes out of style.

More than that, if you purchase a sofa, choose one with a removable cover, so you can just change the cover when you get bored of the look of the sofa, but not the piece of furniture completely. If you get carried away, then there are quite big chances to give a small fortune on decorations, especially the accessories that you see in stores and catch your eye. If you do not overdo with the decorations you can save significant amounts of money.

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If you feel artistic, and you have skills then unleash your imagination. Try to create handmade decorations and avoid cluttering your house with too many accessories as you risk creating a kitsch decor. Use family photos or things dear to you, the souvenirs you’ve collected from vacations in order to have inspired and attractive accessories.

However, do not forget books. With them you can fill the empty and devoid of personality shelves.

3. Recycle and Make Your Own Décor Items

When you want to save money in decorating the house, the smartest and most effective method is to recycle what you already have. For example, if upholstery of a seat is ripped, cover it with a cheerful fabric and instead of buying a new vase decorate an empty jar that you cannot use it anymore.

It is extremely important to keep in your mind that in the redecorating and the arranging of a house is not just about money. Often you can have a generous budget for this activity, but you are buying only unnecessary things, or you can have a small budget and make the most of every penny, to create a bright, fresh and inviting décor.

Put your imagination to work, make the right choices and you will be able to have a dream home with style that all your friends will envy.

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