How to Build Your House


Building or buying a home is a very hard test and enormous responsibility. It’s pretty easy to do wrong and if you do you pull all your life. All attempts to take advantage of you. The real estate agent, builder, architect, authorities are trying to steal your money.

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If you take into account to build your own home you will spend many hours searching for information. You will find many sites dedicated to selling you a product, a book or wanting to build your home for you.

It is rare to find an appropriate site to meet the desires and needs of a home owner who wants to build his dream house itself or only wants to expand or improve his home.

Since my background and also one of my hobbies is building construction I will try making available to all those concerned a series of articles with topics such as choosing the best construction or purchase of the land, selection the architect and / or architecture, the manufacturer and also the fixtures and lighting design or decorating gardens.

I like to think I can give a good advice to those who venture toward building, rebuilding or buying a house. As the effects of climate change are felt across the world, both governments and individuals are beginning to take the task of building Eco friendly houses much more seriously.

Fueled by increased demand a new industry of Eco friendly home building has grown up and a whole host of technological innovations have created an arsenal of Eco friendly building materials and techniques: from solar panels, to wind turbines, to high efficiency lighting, ultra efficient insulation, glazing, water conservation, plumbing, recycling and much more.

It is a huge project and I hope with your help, with your opinion and comments to do a good job.


Choosing between buying and building a house is extremely important and difficult. Following should be treated with utmost seriousness.

Enthusiasm is a great ally in everything we do and can be main ally when building something, anything. Sometime can be an enemy.

Construction of the house without thinking or planning in detail, without consulting the family, can be fatal. Enthusiasm is good but also a good and clear mind.

Buy or build is a decision where enthusiasm and careful planning should combine harmoniously.

Benefits for variants:

  • The house will be closer to your desires and needs. It is designed and built under your supervision and your agreement
  • You know exactly what materials and systems put in it
  • You’re probably more proud of your construction than buying a built house. It is “your child”.

Disadvantages for variants:

  • Period of time from the start and to move is effective on average 2 years
    Workers under contractors, all require constant supervision work with extremely long time consuming.
    It’s hard to know from the outset that the final amount you will pay. There’s always extra, you get your ideas, unexpected things happen. If your budget is limited, you’ll have big problems.
    There are thousands of things that can happen and that is extremely hard to find a fault or damage you recover from it.
    Most times you do not understand all and you can make wrong decisions that cost you a lot.

Perhaps you think that home construction is an advantage for lower total price. In some cases it may be. Unfortunately, most times not.

Therefore the price argument must be weighed carefully from situation to situation.

If you have higher engineering and a lot of houses, then it certainly will be cheaper to build than to buy a house.

If you only beat a nail in your life is likely to cost you more than buying the house.


If you know exactly what you want and you get a fixed price to cover absolutely all costs, operations and the unexpected costs and that price is comparable to the already constructed houses that correspond to your desires and whose quality can be verified then you build the house. If not then do not. Torment not worth the risk.

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