Smart Design Ideas for Under-Stair Area

In many homes the area under the stairs is forgotten and often left unused, although it is the ideal space for numerous useful functions. With a little imagination and planning, this space you can easily create a purposeful area for entertaining, play, relaxation or work.

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However, prior to preparing an under-stair design, make sure to determine the dimensions to see if your project will fit. Think about it not only the spot width that will accommodate your furniture and stuff, but also the height  of area. If somehow there isn’t enough room for clearance, then the best and in fact, the only alternative is to use this area for storage or a closet, instead.

Let’s see together how you can use these forgotten under-stair spaces.

1. Home Office

Whether you only need a tiny space for working from your own home, or simply you need a little spot, a nook to pay your bills, you certainly will enjoy having a nice home office underneath the stairs. This is the best area for a tiny desk and chair, a file cabinet and why not, shelves. This space can be easily converted into a children’s homework space if you want it, with using similar materials.

2. Sitting (Reading) Nook  

A nice and functional built-in seating could quickly turn this under-stair area into a comfy and cozy reading nook, or why not, into a nap location. The costs of seating exceed your budget? Don’t worry about it! You can use fancy beanbag chairs instead.

3. Dry Bar

A cute dry bar could be another smart option. After all, entertaining your friends or guests will become more practical, and enjoyable, with a built-in dry bar. So, use the are under your stairs to store and prepare awesome cocktails, to serve drinks}, and have a chat. You can install over-head wine racks, while a simple wheeled cart or a basic countertop can be easily as your serving station.

3. Children Area

If you have kids then you know exactly how quickly their toys and stuff can take over a space. So, use under-stair zone to keep their stuff organized and also provide your children their own place. Board games, crayons and coloring books, play stations, toys and many other kid’s stuff can remain in one location and in the same time you can offer a play zone for your children.

4. Media Unit

-Why not utilize this under-stair as a media unit? After all there is sufficient room for a TV set, DVD player, stereo, and DVD storage. Although, you might need to install the wires and cables, if they are not already installed in the space.

5. Storage (Closet)

Portable drawers, cabinets, dressers, wall cubicles bookcases, or even simple wicker baskets or plastic boxes, can create a functional storage under the stairs. This concept not only uses the formerly unused area, but also it helps make the most of storage, too.

6. Cozy Library

If you have actually always desired a library in your home but you didn’t have the room for one, now you can have it! Use the unused under-stair area to create a distinct, unique and relaxing library, a cozy reading nook.  All you should do is to set up a couple of} bookcases or shelves, and perhaps a comfortable chair or even an armchair if you have enough room and you’re done.

7. Entry Catch-All

The area under your stairs is the ideal location to store your stuff such as coats, shoes, scarves, backpacks, hats, pet leaches and many other items. You should supply an assortment of baskets, hooks and racks to keep all this stuff nicely organized, uncluttered and of course, ready-to-use.

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