Cottage Style Home Decorating

Interior decorating is a vast topic. There are a lot of different styles such as classical, Victorian, Georgian, modern, contemporary, and so on, but we cannot speak of a cottage style. Technically, there is no such thing, cottage style. But if we talk about style, then we can talk about eclectic style. Eclectic is the most appropriate style for your cottage. A little bit of this, a little bit of that.

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In fact, a cottage is your retreat, your vacation house, where you can spend unforgettable moments with your family and friends. You want to actually, get rid of the constraints imposed by your house. Therefore, everything is comfortable and enjoyable is perfect for a “cottage style”.

However, cottage furnishing and specific accessories have become more popular nowadays.


You do not need to use a specific style. Everything goes, furniture bought from a flea market, recycled or old furniture, gathered from your household.

Important is to take full advantage of every viewpoint when you arrange the furniture. Do not obstruct the windows. After all, the landscape is the one that gives charm to a cottage.

Functionality is another important aspect when choosing furniture for your retreat. In fact, you need furniture that can serve multiple purposes, adapted to your lifestyle.

Nothing needs to match. Give vent to your taste. The final look is important. In fact, any piece of furniture, even if it is old, can be stained, painted or covered to integrate into the overall look.

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As I mentioned above, it is OK to use different pieces of furniture if they fit into your plan. Therefore, you can just as well use vintage furniture pieces. There are so many old furniture pieces discarded with still incredible potential.

An old wooden bench or a stool can be a nice and useful coffee table.  An old kitchen cart can become a desk. You can also use an old iron fence section as a headboard and so on.


Usually, a cottage has a simple and sometimes even an imperfect floor. Perhaps a bare wood floor is the best option for a cottage. However, it is a vacation home. No need to invest in a sophisticated kind of floor.

You can cover the raw planks with vintage throw rugs and you will have an authentic cottage look.


Windows should look airy and light. Do not use thick curtains, heavy drapes or opaque panels. Consider lace instead of them. Simple shades can provide you privacy.

However, it is better to leave your windows bare. You want to enjoy the view and to take advantage of every viewpoint.


The décor of your cottage typically calls for a mix and wide range of fabrics such as draperies, curtains, pillows, upholstery, table skirts, slipcovers, etc. Slipcovered furniture is very common in a cottage. It gives charm and a relaxing feeling, not to mention you can easily update your old furniture in this way.


Again, you can give rein to your imagination. However, it is much better to have some sort of unifying topic. A rustic look is great for a cottage. Floral prints, stripes, colors and shades of pink and green are subject to a favorite indoor English cottage.

However, for a beach house it is recommended sandy beige and soft blue colours and a lot of white.


Any unusual thing can conveniently be an accessory in your cottage theme. Take inspiration from surroundings and bring the nature inside by using natural fiber such as rattan and wicker.

In fact, everything can find its place inside your cottage. Musical instruments, old frames, interesting hats, charming plates, etc. They can become the focal point of the room.