Country style in the interior design – American and English variants

Country style design in our contemporary life

An increasingly fast pace of life, rapid urbanization everywhere from Europe to North America along with the modern technology growth have turned the people of the last century toward towns and large cities.

English Country Style

But like everything in life this huge people migration from the countryside towards urban centers have its disadvantages.

Lack of traditional dΓ©cor, warmth and in the middle of concrete jungle without be surrounded by nature.

Therefore, many of us try to create a country style in the interior of their own home. After all, country means “village” and the name is associated with specific definitions such as ethnic, natural, traditional, comfortable, cozy.

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American Country Style

From country style to rustic style

There are not many differences between country style and rustic style. Rustic home interiors involve the extensive of ceramics, stone and especially wood. Also, natural fabrics and solid, sturdy furniture. The rural elements help you to recreate a cozy, traditional atmosphere in the middle of the city.

What is it in fact, country style?

Country music has a special thinking and feeling, a deep philosophy. Everything, from home interior dΓ©cor to way of life is based on traditions, which of course, have developed differently depending on the country. Several directions have been developed within a fabulous and charming design. For example, French and English country styles, just to name two of them.

The main description of the design principle is the exclusion of materials that are atypical for it, not in accordance with environmental friendliness and naturalness.

Having undergone many important transformations and design influences over the years, the concept of “country” has become generally adopted, a universal term that encompasses many rustic styles. The general attributes for all are solid wooden furniture in painted or raw, natural form, quilted and colored textiles, handmade rugs, folk art, etc.

There are some common features no matter the country style type:

  1. A natural color palette – in every detail, from decorative elements to structural elements and furniture.
  2. Just natural materials – NO to use of plastic and other artificial materials.Β Β 
  3. Finish and color on all metal surfaces.
  4. Carefully attention to the dΓ©cor – lot of rustic decorations in many, lovely details – drawings on crafts, dishes, other objects.

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American country style design

The inevitable rise of country style began in the colonization of North America wake. Increasingly, this type of interior design became widespread throughout the world, changing functions, and obviously adapting to the specific, traditional style in individual regions.

Some of experts believe that the country style has in fact, no homeland, and each direction is naturally formed, reflecting the specific rural charm of different countries.

How I have mentioned above, generally, each country style direction, is well-known for the use of massive furniture, textiles, leather upholstery, many crafts. Another symbol of American country is the presence of a huge stone fireplace in the main room and not only. The main colors in this design type are brown, beige, and white.

English country style design

The leitmotif of this country style type is the Georgian and Victorian era. In fact, this style is one of the styles that preceded the American country style.

The Georgian and Victorian roots can be seen in textiles: upholstery with checkered patterns, charming patchwork designs, and the presence of lovely area rugs.

The furniture used is high-quality and impressive, with a rounded frame. The main colors are brown, terracotta, beige, natural green and pink.

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