Curtains, Draperies or Blinds – what is better?

What can be more pleasant than being awakened by the morning sun. A gentle natural waking can make your day more beautiful.  But this is not applies on Sunday mornings when you want to sleep until later.

So you need something to stop the penetration of light into the room and why not, something to protect you from the eyes of a curious neighbor.

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But what is better? Blinds or Curtains?

To this question is not exactly easy to answer, because you have to find the best solution that meets both roles a practical one and a decorative one.

Curtains & Draperies

For centuries, elegant curtains organza, velvet and lace have embellished the windows of houses. French curtains delight through the their charm, the Italian ones through the sophistication and elegance, and the Asian ones through their rich embroidery.

Although styles have changed according to the new trends and innovations in design, curtains still serve the purpose for which they were originally created, namely to protect against excessive exposure to sunlight and drafts.

But, they are rather included in the accessories category, with an important decorative role in interior design. When well chosen, curtains can radically improve the atmosphere of a room.

Your Curtains & Cardinal Points

You can steer by the cardinal points to choose the right curtains. For a room toward the east, where the sun penetrates the morning, choose a simple curtain, made ​​of veil, which will let to penetrate a diaphanous light into the room. A rich curtain, made ​​of lace, is very suitable for a room facing south or west, so that sunlight will become a game of light and shadow.


On the other hand, the blinds are as decorative as curtains. They can also be matched in tone with the rest of the interior decorations, with the advantage that they can be mounted both inside and outside. Vertical or horizontal, they can be adjusted so as to allow or prevent the total penetration of sunlight into the room.

Unlike curtains and draperies, that must be washed and ironed, blinds can be cleaned more easily.

In recent years have appeared on the market, tens of models of blinds, offering customers the same options of elegance and charm, being less expensive than curtains. Although they do not have the “royal” look of the curtains, they match easily, both color and texture, with the rest of the room decorations.

Blinds & Curtains

However, blinds are not suitable for any room. Their arrangement in the living room will bring an official, formal and cold feeling, as an office and not a warm “home” feeling.

There is also the option to combine curtains with blinds. Blinds are installed first and curtains will be installed over them. So you can adjust the brightness of the room without sacrificing the desired décor.


However, before making a choice, consider the pros and cons for both blinds and curtains, and choose what the best suit for your room décor. In fact, there is no right or wrong answer, just preference.

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