Decorate Your Bathroom but Do Not Over Decorate It

Usually, a bathroom is a one of the smallest rooms of your home and therefore it is not a good idea to decorate it like any other room. The result would be catastrophic in terms of aesthetic.

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The quality of tile work, fixtures and finishes make a bathroom an appealing room. There is no need to beautify up your bathroom with fuzzy carpets or rugs and artificial flowers.

Let’s see what you should NOT TO DO when decorating your bathroom.

1| DO NOT use colored sinks, tubs or toilets

I think everyone remembers the famous sinks, tubs and toilets colored in yellow, green or pink. They have been in vogue not long time ago. Hopefully that they will not return in customer preferences.

2| DO NOT install carpet in your bathroom

Installing a carpet in your bathroom would be really a bad idea.

A carpet or even a decorative rug is extremely difficult to clean. They are not hygienic and completely inappropriate for such kind of room.

3| DO NOT decorate the toilet lid

Do not use lid cover for your toilet. A lid cover has no place in a modern contemporary bathroom.

4| DO NOT keep the toilet cleaning brush by your toilet

It is widely spread the habit to keep the toilet cleaning brush near the toilet. I do not think that beautifies your bathroom. It has its place, together with the other cleaning supplies, in your closet.

5| DO NOT display the toilet paper role

It is not a good idea to expose your toilet paper role no matter how decorative is your toilet paper holder.

6| DO NOT make your shower curtain the focal point of your bathroom

It is better to replace your shower curtain with a clean and nice piece of glass, no matter how appealing and decorative is this curtain.

However, if you prefer to keep a shower curtain then choose one white with a rich texture and a subtle pattern.

7| DO NOT mix your towels

It looks too messy to mix your towels. Try using only matching towel sets.

8| DO NOT chose different shades of white

Do not choose different shades of white for your bathroom sink, tub or toilet. Make sure they are in the same white colour otherwise the darker one will seem dirty compared with the lighter one.

9| DO NOT position your toilet first in line

If you remodel your bathroom then do not position the toilet first in line. It is not really, the thing that you want to see first when entering a bathroom.

10| DO NOT use sconces as the main source of lighting

You need a lot of light in your bathroom. Use only overhead lighting such as flush-mount lights, pendant lights or pot lights. Do not use sconces. They do not provide enough light and you need plenty of light for shaving or makeup.

11| DO NOT expose your toothbrushes

Keeping exposed your toothbrushes it is not also a pretty sight for your guests. It is much better to keep them hidden in your vanity.

12| DO NOT mix fixture types

Choose only one kind of finishes for your bathroom fixtures.

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