Decorative 3D WallArt – Stunning Interior Wall Panels

New Trends in Interior Design and a Smart Choice for Your Home Interior

Recently chosen by architects and interior designers in the United States and Canada as one of the most innovative and the best eco friendly products, great for decorating interior walls, 3D wall panels are made from renewable sources that are biodegradable and contribute significantly to sustainability.

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A young Dutch designer of the Dutch Design Eindhoven Academy is the brilliant creator and promoter of this original, modern and contemporary design of these panels. A fresh modern and also smart design, which quickly became the hottest trend in the interior design. Once installed, they form repeating but attractive patterns that reflect the light in a surprisingly way, playing in fact, with lights and shadows.

They can easily be painted in a color that fits the best with the interior of your home, or can be painted white for added elegance. They are indeed the new trend in coverings for the interior walls.

These panels were introduced in Europe in 2010. Today, the WallArt decorative 3D panels are sold in at least 11 different countries including the United States and Canada.

Besides the fact that these panels can be easily  painted in any color to match the interior of your home and/or business, and they can also be installed very easy and simple.

The final result from the use of 3D decorative panels WallArt is environmentally friendly, economical and aesthetic that creates a modern, rich and stunning look, regardless of the design of the interior walls. With their help you can get relief walls, thus emphasizing certain favorite areas of the house.

Moreover, besides the fact that they dress in a unique and elegant way, the walls of a room, 3D decorative panels provide an excellent sound insulation. Decorative 3D WallArt wall panels give indeed an extra dimension to your home interior walls and complement virtually any room of your house. These panels can also be used, how I mentioned above, for commercial use such as halls, hotels, offices, restaurants, exhibition halls and so on. They can be easily applied even on ceilings.

These beautiful panels come in a variety of models such as “Bricks”, “Kites”,” Dundees”, “Cullinas”, “Ellipses”, “Caryotas”, “Flows”, “Craters”, “Gaps”, “Cubes”, “Pebbles”, “Pitches”, “Sands”, “Saiphs”, “Splashes”, “Sweeps”, “Squares”, “Wave”, “Vaults” or Tetris”

One package contains 12 WallArt wall panels covering a total of 3 square meters of wall (about 33 square foot). Panels are lightweight and can be easily cut with a utility knife.

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