Decorative Grass – An “Accessory” for Your Garden

Plants and flowers are “accessories” themselves but nevertheless, they need a little help such as “natural accessories” to emphasize them more, and to integrate in the overall look of your garden.

Decorative grass or (ornamental grass) is one of those “natural accessories”, able to restore order in any garden type, which is perhaps suffocated by too many and varied vegetation. However, decorative grass may have many other beneficial and aesthetic effects if it is placed in the right places in your garden.

In this article, I’ll try to present some ideas about what you can do with a decorative grass and what are the best places in your garden where you can plant this wonderful ornamental plant.

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Decorative Grass as a Living Fence

First, because of its considerable height this ornamental grass can be a good “front” yard, a real living fence, especially if the rest of landscape plants and flowers have a low height.

Autumn, Wild Grass in A Windy Day (4K) (video)

Plant Your Decorative Grass in Pots

Although usually, its place is on the ground, you can plant your decorative grass in pots. In this way, you will be able to enjoy both the beauty of the plant and the aesthetic effect of a wooden or ceramic pot. In plus, the decorative grass can be associated with other plants and flowers. It is a good idea to choose different textures for a strong contrast.

Decorative Grass and Your Swimming Pool

Decorative grass is distinguished by a heavy “crown”. Because of that, a decorative grass is able to “soften” some “cold” corners in the landscape, such as the edge stiffness of your pool. Place several plants around it and your swimming pool will get an elegant and charming look. These beautiful plants will make the difference between a cold commercial look and a warm, residential aspect.

Beautify Your Patio and Decks

There are many varieties of ornamental grass. Depending on the type of grass, you can beautify your patio or house decks by planting it in over-sized pots.

For example, “Pony Tail” may be a good option. It’s a Mexican decorative grass, having green and golden fluffy strain tips like ponies tails. In addition, it is extremely resistant to drought.

Decorative Grass complements any Garden Type

With such a beautiful color, decorative grass can be inserted, in terms of landscape, including flower gardens, plants, bushes or shrubs that are found in any yard.
Also in terms of decoration, some “bouquets” of grass can define an alley or take the place of a turf. Last but not least, a vegetable garden can enjoy the presence of this plant that is completely harmless.

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